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Textbooks get revamped, to have thematic approach


Published on: March 8, 2018 | Updated on: March 8, 2018

The traditional language books which will have poetry, prose and grammar in a separate order, subject experts and curriculum committee have designed new Tamil and English books.

CHENNAI: Moving from the traditional language books which will have poetry, prose and grammar in a separate order, subject experts and curriculum committee have designed new Tamil and English books based on themes with simplified pictorial grammar sections.

Suitable poetry also will be given along with the themes. The experts have identified several themes including eco-conservation, which will have sub-topic like trees, water, solid waste management and endangered animals. The health theme will have lessons from personal hygiene to community health care and road safety theme will create awareness among the children on the use of roads.

 "The English books were prepared to impart communication skills to the children. It will also give the students opportunities for creative writing. For example, the students will be asked to write about the picture with a certain theme. It will expand their learning and thinking horizon," subject experts said. To reduce the difficulty in learning grammar, the grammar section to be simplified with more pictures. "Further, the books will not straightway go into unfamiliar topics. The books were designed to go from known to unknown which is one of the best methods of teaching," they added.

In Tamil books, the major thrust at primary level will be on the introduction of letters and basic writing skills. "While coming to the schools the kids generally know around 1000 words to 1500 words. We will introduce the letters and basic writing in the first two years," sources said.

As per the high court order, the curriculum committee has incorporated 1,050 couplets from ‘Thirukkural’ into the subjects. "Students will not read all the couplets in the books. So, they will be introduced in different forms like the workbook and practical work along with the textbooks," sources added.
The students also will get the theme based lessons in science, maths and social science subjects as well. "For example, in maths, we will give why algebra is important and its relevance to the present," sources noted.

The social science textbooks will likely include the history of the common man in different eras and multi-facets of the societies that were existed instead of just presenting the history of kings. The books also embedded with the technology. The textbooks will include a QR code to explain difficult topics. "In each chapter, one or two QR codes will be given for complex topics. If scanned with the cell phone or smart devices, these codes will lead to the video links where the experts will explain the topics in a simple way," teachers said.

"The new textbooks also will be a visual treat as the images are downloaded directly from image repositories. We have also promptly got the permission from the authors to use their works in the textbooks," sources said.  Classes 1, 6, 9 and 11  are going to have the new syllabus for next academic year. The titles for the classes 1, 6 and 9 are almost ready and the printing of books is in progress. Class 11 books are being prepared at full swing. The textbook writing work is expected to be completed in next three to four weeks.