Hyderabad: Woman booked for beating puppy

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Police books her under sections which prescribe 2-year jail; sentencing up to judge.

A puppy that had both its legs broken by an irate resident of Madhapur is placed on a table.

Hyderabad: A stray puppy was ruthlessly beaten with a wooden stick resulting in the fracture of his two legs and other severe injuries at Madhapur on Saturday.

Madhapur sub inspector P. Rajesh said, “The incident occurred near Pillar No. 25. The puppy was handed over to the complainant who assured us that she will take care of him at her home. The accused has been booked under the provisions of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and IPC 428 and 429.”

A police said that the accused would be sent to court in a day or two. “The penalty for the offence depends on the judge but it is a punishable offence with jail term of up to two years.”

Many animal rescue organisations came forward to demand similar cases against those who commit acts of cruelty against animals.

The accused, Mohammed Gousiya Begum, apparently hit the puppy because she was irritated by its constant yelps; the puppy had been stranded in the locality for about a week. Residents said they hadn’t seen the mother of the puppy. No one else has raised complaints regarding the puppy. 

The complainant, Ms Sai Pravallika who is honorary animal welfare officer, raised an alarm after she found the pup beaten on the side of the road.

After taking the pup to a veterinary doctor, she volunteered to take care of the puppy.