Video: Wounded dog crossing road will melt hearts, until this!

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Stray trying to cross a busy stretch will leave viewers baffled

The dog trying to cross the road at the beginning of video (Photo: Youtube)

Dogs are a man’s best friend. Having lived together for thousands of years it is understandable if they pick up certain tricks from us. The following video bears testimony to one such trick that this furry friend has learnt.

The video, which we came upon by accident, starts off on a serious note with a dog, possibly hurt, dragging itself across the road, in what appears to be a half paralytic manner. It is seen dragging itself with its front two legs, while his hind legs get dragged on. Seems like the mutt is badly hurt while those travelling around him are oblivious to his plight, and move on as if nothing has happened. Seems heartless, does it not?

The thirty-two second video soon sees a car pull up in front of the dog and one concerned dog lover move out to possibly help it. Behold! The dog smartly gets up and walks away!

The video which has been shared over a million times on social media shows some great acting… by the mutt!

Check out the video below