Here's the video of a dancing gorilla to make your day!

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Zolo, the break dancing ape can be seen shaking a leg in his bathing pool!

Zola the dancing gorilla (Photo: Youtube)

Meet Zola, he dances. He is a gorilla.

A gorilla at the Dallas Zoo was caught on camera showing off his dance moves, splashing around in a pool.

The video was taken by zookeeper Asjley Orr. Initially the big ape is seen gently splashing around but gradually he takes up to a beat and things become more inteste as he spins around splashing water everywhere. The 14-year-old male gorilla at the Dallas zoo break dances like it’s nobody’s business!

This is not the first time that Zola has been caught dancing up a storm. Back in 2011, he had shot to fame for dancing in a puddle.

Zola’s dancing is a play behaviour experts say while Youtube users have cooked up a storm in comments on the video with one Mary Witcher going on to say, “How did you get footage of my husband in our pool?”

Not going into any controversies,

Check out the video below