Builder on a biryani diet

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Food is Adithya Venkataswami’s passion.

Adithya Venkataswami and Kavitha Vadivelu .

Born into a wealthy family of land owners and businessmen, Adithya Venkataswami had everything on a silver platter. Educated abroad, he hobnobbed with the city’s elite. His early life was spent managing his family business and real estate and doing some construction projects of his own.

But his marriage to NRI Kavitha Vadivelu and having a daughter with her changed his perspective on commerce, he says, “My marriage to Kavitha exposed me to so many new flavours and experiences. We lived in Canada for a while and having a child made it easier for us to make a home in Chennai. We have a lot of family here. Kavitha and I are foodies and everywhere we go, we try the biryanis.”

As in most cases, the creative genius is spurred by one’s passion. Adithya says, “Biryani for me is both celebration food and comfort food. I crave it at all times.
Kavitha and I cook it, order it and find new recipes to try too. We thought, why not start our own experimental kitchen that produces the best biryani? And our maiden food venture was born - The Biryani company”

This passion project operates out of family-owned premises and is run by passionate foodies. Adithya, while not a push-the-sale kind of a person, has managed to win quite a legion of fans for his biryani.