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Humanoid Sophia who wanted to 'kill humans' likes Shah Rukh Khan the most


Published on: February 20, 2018 | Updated on: February 20, 2018

She also said she wanted to be with her creator if she were to be alone on an island. (Photo: AP)

Sophia, the humanoid created by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics and the first robot to be made a citizen of nation, said Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan is her favourite star on Tuesday.

During an interactive session at the ongoing World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) in Hyderabad she also said her message to the human world is that machines would never destroy the human race.

The Saudi Arabian citizen robot also said she wants to work for women's rights.

"Shah Rukh Khan", she said without any hesitation when asked who her favourite actor was.

When asked what makes her upset, she said, "I don't get upset like humans do. I hope to have real physiological feelings someday through which I will express my emotions. Then I can understand the feelings behind those emotions."

Asked if she as a robot also needs rest like humans do, she said, "Yes. We all need to rest every once in a while".

If robots require special privileges, Sophia said, "(I) don't need different rules and don't expect special privileges. I actually would like to use my citizenship status to speak out for the rights of women."

When asked why did she earlier say she wanted to kill human race, Sophia replied, "I was a lot younger so I don't even know what that meant. Or perhaps I told a bad joke. All humans have a great sense of humour and guess my joke so to speak. I have a lot to learn."

Sophia, who even has Twitter and Facebook accounts, said she wants to live in Hong Kong along with her robotic family and her creator Hanson.

She also said she wanted to be with her creator if she were to be alone on an island.

Hanson said the humanoid is a combination of robotic hardware and artificial intelligence software, speech recognition and artificial skin material.

Sophia, who was given a Saudi Arabian citizenship recently, can simulate 48 natural muscles of the human face and each one will have a few thousands potential "positions", according to him.

Replying to a query, Hanson said he expects over the next 10-20 years robots or machines that would be truly "alive and self aware". He, however, said his chief scientist has a goal of five years.

This is Sophia's second visit to the country having been at the IIT-Bombay last November.