Are we verse off or not?

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Twitter has now increased its word count to 280 words and predictably. Twitterati went berserk with their reactions.

Akash David Pichamuthu

Twitter just exceeded the word limit from 140 to 280 words on Tuesday to draw in more users and to enhance engagement. “We’re expanding the character limit! We want it to be easier and faster for everyone to express themselves,” tweeted the site. This is first time in 11 years that Twitter has exceeded the word-limit. Everyone on twitter had their share of mixed reactions, some tweets are hilarious while others can be more on the serious side. 

We got a few reactions from people in Bengaluru on this latest Twitter verse. Akash David Pichamuthu, an engineering student says, “I haven’t used Twitter for that long to know all its pros and cons but I don’t understand the 280 character count. Doesn’t that defeat its purpose? I thought it forced people to be short and sweet, but now it’ll just be like browsing through Facebook statuses.

“More Donald Trump tweets should be exciting though,” he adds. While Shwetha Perumal, an architectural intern felt, “It’s for the good, like 140 words were sometimes not enough, though there was a certain creativity it took to be funny with that limit. I think it’s a welcome change and they should try it out. But I do think it was more likely to be impressive to tweet within 140.”

Kunal Sharma who works for Infosys says, “I think that 140 characters were fine. It actually improves your grammar skills and creativity as you tend to write things to the point and crisp. So, I would say the integrity of Twitter was maintained by 140 characters but now it will become just like Facebook with the status update function.”