Solitary reapers solo by choice!

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#whyimsingle is trending majorly on Twitter. With V-Day coming up next week, here’s their take on the topic.

Zeishah Amlani

Ahead of the Valentine’s Day, the hashtag #whyimsingle is trending, with thousands of people taking to Twitter to post the many reasons why they’re single. The hashtag started trending after Jimmy Fallon asked people to send in “funny or embarrassing reasons” why they’re single and tag it with “#WhyImSingle”. It soon made its way to India. As the trend is soon catching up in the country as well, we ask people why they are single this Valentine’s Day 

Emcee Zeishah Amlani feels that she is single because she is too strong and independent and hasn’t yet found someone who will accept her wholeheartedly. “#WhyI’msingle... Umm, because I can’t date myself. Jokes apart, I’m single because financially stable women who are genuinely driven and ambitious are yet to be considered a ‘great catch’. I’ve often being told (or rather judged) for being ‘too strong’, ‘too independent’, for being’ too loud’ for being ‘too open’, ‘too entertaining’. Being overtly judgmental is a sad part of many relationships today. Women tend to get the shorter end of the stick and I’m not willing to settle for mediocre. I honestly haven’t found anyone who is yet to accept me wholeheartedly. Truth be told, it’s really hard for women to find partners who accept them for who they are. And I’m not willing to settle for less,” says Zeishah, who is also a radio presenter. 

Actress Regina Cassandra says, “I realised that everything is a phase and I am not going to rush into anything. May be, I need to understand myself more before I try someone.”

She also adds, “If I come across any guy one who is trying to impress me, I feel like saying ‘dude... I’ve seen enough of these.’  After I battled apathy, I feel probably I spent enough time with romance (laughs). And these days, with extensive travelling and shooting schedules, I just don’t have any time for it.”

For actress Raashi Khanna: I have no time really! While it is also a fact that I haven't found anyone that I connect with, I love how being single gives me a lot of time with family. When you are in a relationship, you have to divide the time and allocate it to them. I don't have that worry now!