Rejuvenate your inner being post sex

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Here are some healthy tips that will keep your rocking after a gratifying love making session.

Studies suggest that it works as a depressor for the nervous system and also cause deterioration of heart health. (Photo: Representational/Pexels)

Sex is perhaps one of the most fulfilling act through which you experience divine bliss. However, there is no denying that after a rock hard roller coaster ride, you definitely feel drained out physically.  While you are mentally charged up, your hormones shooting high and there are fireflies inside your stomach, somehow lethargy kicks in.

Depending on your age, sex positions and the duration of your sessions determine how enervated you feel at the end of it all. Relationship counsellor Sumit Mehra highlights some of the key factors to be taken into consideration to maintain a steady energy level post your sessions.

Right nutrients

The intake of the right nutrients determines your stamina level; therefore, you must add a lot of fresh vegetables and legumes to your diet. This will help you keep your energy meter up during the strenuous activity you perform inside your private space.

If fresh vegetables and legumes are not something that suits your palette, you can try out some good tasting fruits like avocadoes, walnuts and berries. Men should take special care of zinc levels of their body to get their testosterone rolling as it gets flushed out with semen. Inclusion of unsaturated fats in your diet like omega 3 fatty acids present in foods like seafood and nuts, is a good and healthy option.

Not a non-vegetarian? Fret not! For omega 3 you can opt for plant sources which are absolutely fresh. Also, quick consumption of omega 3 fatty acid from plant source is important because it spoils fast. Solid intake of vitamin B-complex is essential as a dietary supplement if you are vegan. Increase the intake of food enriched with antioxidant properties so as to reduce and protect your body from oxidative stress.

Take note: Do not compromise on your quantity of water intake. We tend to lose water through various bodily fluids, physical activity and many more. Keeping yourself hydrated is the key to feel replenished.

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Say no to alcohol

Alcohol and romance can create the right kind of ambience to fall into each other’s arms. However, if you are aiming high-intensity sexual intercourse, then saying no to alcohol is the right thing to do. Studies suggest that it works as a depressor for the nervous system and also cause deterioration of heart health. If you are up for some real cardio exercise in your bedroom, keeping alcohol at bay can amp up your sexual mojo.

Some new studies have shown that moderate consumption of alcohol can be considered to be safe. However, it is a proven fact that alcohol interferes in testosterone production in men and disrupts the balance of oestrogen-progesterone in women. On top of it, alcohol dehydrates the body.

Good sleep can cure everything

It has been observed that a lack of proper can be disastrous for the body. It has a devastating effect on the health including your sexual life. Numerous studies have shown that lack of proper sleep can increase your libido, lowers the testosterone levels, lowers vaginal lubrication and in some cases, it is also known to cause erectile dysfunction.

It is crucial to get sufficient sleep of 6-8 hours, including the REM sleep phase as it is directly linked to better sexual satisfaction, willingness to engage in sexual activity. A study in 2015 states that with every hour of sleep chances of women engaging in sex increases by almost 14 per cent.

Be active physically

Physical activity serves as a libido booster and can amp up your sex to bring your raunchy side of your persona to the surface. However, it must be noted that physical activity should be well-balanced with nutritious food. Yoga is a very good activity to ignite your sex life.