Woman says botched surgery has left her with square breasts

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She said that she can't get intimate and is left in pain since implants flip inside her breasts.

She described it as the worst decision of her life (Photo: Pixabay)

A lot of celebrities and people have been going for cosmetic surgery to enhance their face or body in recent times, and while this has helped many, things can easily go wrong. Botched medical procedures can leave people with terrible consequences as one man even claimed a surgery left him with a smaller penis.

The most recent in the series of tales about messed up surgeries is that of a woman complaining about the shape of her breasts after a botched boob job. She said that she is unable to get intimate with her husband as her breasts are now square shaped.

The woman named Katy Jones also added that the implants flip inside her breasts causing excruciating pain and discomfort. She said that she feels left alone to deal with the consequences of the mistake and has to wear a heavy duty bra all the time to prevent implants from flipping over.

Meanwhile the medical group that carried out the surgery says it cannot help now and Katy was told that if implants were removed now her breasts will look like a 70-year-old’s. She describes surgery as her worst decision ever that has left her even less confident than before.