Tree paintings bring in nature lovers

Deccan Chronicle.  | Nidhin TR

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Exhibition by Constance Fulda at Lalithakala Akademi.

Constance Fulda with her tree paintings at Kerala Lilithakala Akademi, Thrissur. (Photo: DC)

THRISSUR: The paintings of Paris-based visual artist Constance Fulda tell the tale of trees. An as environmental activist in France she has been doing paintings on nature for the past 30 years and her unique ‘tree paintings’ began 15 years ago.

Using the medium of water colour and acrylic on paper and Japanese paper she has done more than thousand paintings on trees.

Her method of laying Japanese paper on the bark of different trees and painting on the paper using rollers to get different designs to her canvas has given a different and a novel dimension to her work.

Ms Fulda’s paintings have been put up for show at the gallery of Kerala Lalithakala Akademi and are drawing large number of art lovers in Thrissur.

Her collection of 12 paintings  at the exhibition here depicts the trees changing their features in all the 12 months in a year in Europe.

The first painting in this collection done using acrylic in black colour shows a tree without leaves in winter and the consecutive paintings in this collection were done laying thin and transparent Japanese paper over the same black tree to convey the changes in a European topography in different in vibrant and varying colours.

The collection shows the sprouting of leaves on trees after winter and provides a visual treat with the colours gaining intensity with each season that includes the spring with flowers blooming in plenty on the canvas.

This collection that begins with a bare tree ends with a similar one covering all four seasons in Europe. The she had conducted shows in Cholamandal near Chennai two years ago and the one presently at the Akademi gallery is her first show in Kerala.

The show which began on January 25 will end on 30.