Let pets acclimatise

Deccan Chronicle.  | Deepthi Sreenivasan

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Things to take care if you have an imported pet.

Hair trimming should be made a part of the dog’s routine.

An unfortunate trend among pet lovers in India is the habit of bringing home dogs that are not ideal for our climatic conditions. Apart from shelling out a huge sum for these pets, most pet parents do not do proper homework on giving the right care for their fur-coated friends. Delhi, for example, has become a hub for heavily coated dog breeds such as St. Bernard and Siberian Husky which are exclusive to regions with snow-capped mountains. Not only do these dogs have to put up with extreme heat, they also develop various ailments.

Dharmesh T. Ramakrishna, canine trainer and groomer, says, “The biggest problem such pet parents face is when they directly import heavy-coated dogs. The concept that these pet parents have in their mind is that such pets can be kept in an air-conditioned room all the time. This adversely affects the dog. They should be introduced to our climate very slowly, which will easily take a minimum of six months. This step is a must because otherwise it would be a problem if the pet has to be transported at some point or when there is no A/C.”

Pet parents must also watch out for heat stroke and heavy coat shedding. “It is not advisable to keep these pets under direct sunlight. When taking them out for a ride, make sure that the A/C is on, it is a must. Early morning is the ideal time for workouts for these pets.”

Hair trimming should be made a part of the dog’s routine. “Hair trimming is done according to the season in foreign countries. That tendency is absent among pet owners here because they give more importance to the beauty aspect. It is best to trim their coat during summer.”