Happiest people live in rural areas, new study claims

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No, it's not because of the country air.

Happiest people live in rural areas, new study claims. (Photo: Pixabay)

After surveying 400,000 people across Canada using a happiness scale, researchers have found the happiest people live in rural areas, the Daily Mail reported.

People in the cities may have larger salaries, better education and lower rates of unemployment, but that doesn't mean in brings joy. The study found that people who live in the countryside are eight times happier than city folk.

Researchers at McGill University in Montreal and the Vancouver School of Economics assessed happiness by asking people on a scale of one to 10 how happy they are. The team found people in urban areas were 800 percent less happy.

The findings highlight the importance of strong bonded communities over social isolation.

"There isn't the same feeling of safety," Lesli Musicar, a therapist based in Toronto told Canada's Global News, about people living in urban areas.

"People are generally less trusting.

"There's a heterogeneous population, it's not a homogeneous population, it's not like in a small town where there is a lot more commonality."