Monsoon ready feet!

Deccan Chronicle.  | Dr Shuba Dharmana

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Diabetics are more prone to infections, so they need special foot care.

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Walking in the rain may be fun, but you can’t destroy the germs by simply washing away the dirt with water. The feet are a vulnerable part of the body, and are prone to fungal and bacterial infections between the toes. The area between the toes must be kept dry with a clean towel after washing them with soap and water. Diabetics are more prone to infections, so they need special foot care.

Monsoons mean smelly soaked feet that attract fungal infections.

Keep feet dry as much as possible. After shower, dab them dry and apply a moisturiser.

While washing, cleanse the nooks and crevices between toes where the fungus lurks.

If your feet get sweaty, use dusting powder that absorb dampness.

Use open footwear such as sandals so that the dampness dries out. Closed shoes and heels get damp on the inside and encourage infections.

Regular pedicures will keep dead skin away and maintain hygiene.

Keep toe nails clipped short to keep  dirt and fungus away.

Exfoliate once or twice a week to keep your feet smooth and to reduce dead skin.

Avoid nail varnishes if you have a fungal infection or if you have toe nail disorders such as psoriasis. See your dermatologist who can prescribe medicated nail varnish to kill the fungus or may treat it with a laser

If you have sensitive feet and are prone to rashes or dryness, avoid products with fragrance.

– The writer is a dermatologist