2020’s first Hindi musical in town

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Lost in translation, Mosambi and Narangi are enamoured by the industry’s marvels.

A still from the play Mosambi NarangI

Producer, director and writer Taher Ali Baig is a respected playwright in the thriving Indian theatre scene. Having constantly pulled off house-full shows at niche venues in South India, he is best known for productions such as A Distant Plateau, Blithe Spirit, Matilda and Jumanji.

Working with Taher as the co-presenter of the show is Chandani Agarwal — an actor, writer and first-time presenter, who is well known for not only her love for the art but also her commitment to the characters she plays. One of Chandani’s best known works has been “the ghost” from Blithe Spirit.

Mosambi Narangi, originally produced for Aadyam, an Aditya Birla Group Initiative, is a one-of-a-kind play, about hopes and broken dreams — complete with odd-ball characters, witty humour and emotions. Directed by award-winning director Mohit Takalkar and produced by Rage Production, the play chronicles the dreams, aspirations and plight of small-town junior artists in a grand production for an upcoming big Bollywood Blockbuster Isaq Banaraswala, set on the Benares Ghats. Gearing up to be a part of a big-budget blockbuster film, are two struggling actors, Mosambi (Rajit Kapur, popular for his role as Byomkesh Bakshi in the erstwhile TV series by the same name) and Narangi (Ajeet Singh Palawat).

Lost in translation, Mosambi and Narangi are enamoured by the industry’s marvels. With a swift turn of events, Mausambi and Narangi adorn the hats of the cast and crew on set and ridicule the junior artists they once portrayed, effortlessly slipping from one role to another, making each character gloriously watchable. As the narrative unfolds through the lens of these primary characters, Rajit Kapur and Ajeet Singh take us on a voyage through their impeccable performances and love for the art. Adding to the entertainment value of the show are Kartavya Anthwaal Sharma, Anadi Nagar and Ruturaj Bhosle’s upbeat live songs.

Mosambi Narangi is a Hindi adaptation by Ashok Mishra of the award-winning Stones in His Pocket by Marie Jones.

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