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Given our curiosity about his inspiration when writing dialogues, we ask him of it.

With his upcoming film, starring Allu Arjun, awaiting release this Sunday, Trivikram talks about being a spontaneous writer

Director Trivikram Srinivas, whose upcoming film Ala Vaikuntapurramloo is hitting screens this Sunday, is also popular for his dialogues, especially his one-liners. Unsurprisingly, he has a huge fan following especially for his writing.

Given our curiosity about his inspiration when writing dialogues, we ask him of it. “I look at myself as a spontaneous writer, preferring to work in an easy manner rather than getting into a pressure of writing dialogues. I don’t prefer to head off to Goa to write, watching the beach, or to go abroad and take a cottage to write. I can’t write like that because it plays on my mind that someone’s putting all that money on me to just write dialogues. Instead, I prefer writing at home, where I can listen to my kids playing and my wife at her chores,” says Trivikram.

Then, speaking about the film, the filmmaker reveals that he likes Samuthirakani as a director and actor, which is why he roped him in for a role in the film. “I like his films, especially Sambho Siva Sambho,” Trivikram tells us. “I requested him to do a role in my film and he agreed. He learnt to speak and write in Telugu because in the film, he needs to speak Srikakulam dialect. We also requested writer Chinni Krishna to help us.”

Our talks move to the familiar motifs in his movies, a big house and either the atha (aunt) or amma (mother). “Previously, only women took care of everything at home. And back then, when parents stepped out, they dropped off their kids at the father’s sister (called atha in Telugu) home because athas usually loved her brother and his family and kids. I also have similar memories of my aunt, which is why in my films you’ll find a big house, well-bonded family and women taking care of everything,” explains Trivikram as he signs out.