A Cry for Kodagu

Deccan Chronicle.  | Shashiprasad SM

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Sandalwood has come together to help the state of Coorg and its people.

Harshika Poonacha.

“It’s a very painful scenario at relief camps across the flood hit areas of Coorg with conditions at its worst ever,” explains actress Harshika Poonacha, who hails from the beautiful land of Kodagu, which is now facing the wrath of incessant rain after Kerala. The affected people of Kodagu have taken care of so many people in their lives, and fed so many people but today they are so dependent on others, she adds, of the land which has given its best to the nation, be it with the Army or other unique and versatile professions in various fields including sports, culture and tradition, and of course tourism, with a fine blend of their trademark coffee. Coorg is crying for help. And Sandalwood has taken it upon itself to help in the relief work. The film industry has been up and about, lending a helping hand, individually, and inspiring fans to aid in these difficult times. While several artistes, technicians, filmmakers and producers are donating towards flood relief activities, they are now propagating to rebuild Kodagu, and efforts are on to reconstruct an entire village which is badly affected by the floods. Bengaluru Chronicle reports.

“I am here (Kodagu) for the past four days now. The condition is bad. It is very painful to relate to the ground reality. I was serving food the other day, and people were in tears while they got food served,” Harshika shares her experience with a heavy heart, adding that these are people who would not have stayed in their relative’s place even for a day, but they are now staying in relief camps as they are helpless against the fury of nature.

One of the favourite locations for not just the Kannada film industry, but numerous other film industries as well, the Scotland of the south is definitely a favourite amongst filmmakers. While several leading men from Sandalwood have been donating money for relief work, most of them are helping in their personal capacities and facilitating the supply of basic needs like food and water to different areas.

Actress Sanjjanaa Galrani, who left for Coorg on Tuesday to volunteer and help the needy, says, “More and more youngsters should step out of their homes and head to Coorg, to physically help them, rather than just sit at home and pray,” she implores.

No doubt movies and movie stars are among the most effective when it comes to inspiring the public, especially younger minds to follow their footsteps, and they are being urged towards this good cause by many in the industry.

Abhinaya Chakravarthy Kiccha Sudeep, urges his fans, “I request all my fan associations to please look into what best could be done for the rain-affected areas in Karnataka. This is the best gift you all will be giving me. Please, please do your best. These are our people.” he said.

Meanwhile, Crazy Star V Ravichandran has proposed a long-term plan which the entire film industry has backed. He is pressing to turn this initiative into reality. During the mahurat of his new movie, Ravichandra, the Crazy Star declared that the whole industry should come forward and help rebuild Kodagu. “It is best to rebuild an entire village which is badly affected by the floods,” he said, and prominent personalities including Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar, Kiccha Sudeep, Yash, renowned producers have backed this plea.

Even several actress including those hailing from Coorg such as Rashmika Mandanna, Disha Poovaiah, and almost other leading ladies are doing their best. Let us all help and rebuild Kodagu, is Sandalwood’s call for help to pour in to support this wonderful land which is in dire need of relief.