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Go Madras with electronica


Published on: February 15, 2019 | Updated on: February 15, 2019


If you love music and like to experience something creative and experimental, head to Puma Shuffle, a space for creative expressions to get a sneak peek into Go Madras, one of India’s most popular electronic music festivals that is hosting an exclusive pre-launch gig in the city this weekend. Go Madras is a multi-genre electronic music festival that takes place on March 2 and 3 in Chennai and is one of India’s highly revered music festivals with its careful curation of artists featuring some of the best international as well national talent, and it is well-attended by people from all over the country. Their focus is on quality, and not quantity. This makes for a fantastic vibe at the venue which is thronged by serious music lovers. This edition features probably the strongest programme till date with a varied selection of highly reputable artists across all genres. "We are excited to collaborate with PUMA Shuffle, a new hub for growing sub-cultures in the country. Go Madras has been around for over a decade, with an aim to bring in audiences from across the country. An exclusive pre-launch helps to celebrate with our Bangalore audience. The night will feature a debut of a b2b set of two of the most upcoming techno and house artists from India alongside other top local talent," says Shiv Gupta, the festival director, Go Madras.

Synister is an acclaimed Indian psytrance artist, with a majority of his tracks in the Beatport Minimal charts. His music is supported by the likes of Nadja Lind, Paco Osuna, Luigi Madonna, Paul Ritch and Stacey Pullen. Weird Sounding Dude is one of India’s longest standing and most intriguing progressive house artists. Being a regular on the charts of Beatport, his music has gained continuous support from the likes of Hernan Cattaneo, Cid Inc., Bog and many more.

Synister and Weird Sounding Dude will be dishing out a special hybrid live set. They will be supported by Shaz and Chaz, and Delika. Weird Sounding Dude says, "I will be playing some of my recent releases that range between melodic techno and progressive house. I am very excited about this gig as it is the first time I am playing a b2b with Synister. He has a different style, but adapting to fit this sound to perform is going to be really interesting. Our set-up is quite awesome, and we already tested with a few rehearsals and the result is quite cool." Synister avers adding, "My style of music is quite different from Abhi’s.

While he is more on the house side, my sound is more techno. However, this is what would make the set very eclectic and engaging. The hybrid live set is  where we would add extra machines and gear on top of a standard DJ set-up. This allows us to be more creative on the fly and this makes the set and performance really unique and I can say that it is going to be great."

This weekend event in is a promotional event for Go Madras where the organisers will be giving away exclusive festival material and running contests for tickets to the festival as well. "Some of the best producer talent in the country will be showcased. The hybrid Live set, five acts on stage on a night, gives you an idea of the vibe at the festival, just being alone with the music and ambience will be quite spectacular.  We want our Bangalore audience to get a glimpse of festival hence we are coming here this weekend.  The crew from Go Madras will also be there so the audience can also get to know more about the event and get a first-hand idea about what the festival is all about, for those who are not aware of it," says Gupta.

— The music event will be held on February 16  at Puma Shuffle in Indiranagar. Entry is free.