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Pervert gets befitting reply from Jyothi Krishna


Published on: March 15, 2016 | Updated on: March 15, 2016

Jyothi Krishna

Controversies are not a new affair for actress Jyothi Krishna and she has reacted to them quite boldly. The latest piece of slander to have hit her took on mammoth proportions in the instant messaging world with a morphed image of the actress in a revealing pose being shared by many.

Jyothi chose not to take this lying down and took to her social site to write, "Some man or woman from a very nice family has cut out just the head part from my photo and morphed it with the photo of his or her mother or sister’s body. Well-wishers and fans who know me have expressed their support to me right under my photo which was used for morphing. I don’t think the person who did this requires a better response because in the end, what he/she wanted to accomplish went in vain. I thank all my supporters who have stood by me."

Morphing is not a new phenomenon with many actresses including senior actors being targeted with some of them filing cyber cases.