Fresh allegations against Vairamuthu

Deccan Chronicle.  | Anupama Subramanian

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In her lengthy video, she says, “I don’t believe how the Tamil film fraternity is not standing by Chinmayi!

Hayma Malini

Another popular personality has come out in the open and revealed how Vairamuthu harassed one of her (18 year old) colleagues when they were working in Sun Music.

Hayma Malini, married to actor Yugendran who is the son of the late singer Malaysia Vasudevan, is the one bringing out the fresh accusation.

Hayma revealed she had spoken about the national award winning lyricist on many platforms more than 10 years ago! Hayma, who works as a lecturer at the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, also posted a video asking why people question the victim (Chinmayi) and not the perpetrator. She insists that Tamil film industry should support the ace singer.

In her lengthy video, she says, “I don’t believe how the Tamil film fraternity is not standing by Chinmayi! Why question Chinmayi not reporting the incident ten years ago! There is a report now and that should be dealt with! Why are we not questioning Vairamuthu? Why is society questioning the victim and not the perpetrator? What a patriarchal industry!”

“When I was in Sun Music, I have personally witnessed Vairamuthu trying to get fresh with one of the young presenters. And I have spoken about him many times more than 10 years ago! To revisit a disturbing issue is not easy. Few people call it for publicity or retirement plan. However, one should understand that she does not gain anything by doing so now. I salute Chinmayi for being the voice of many voiceless! Time for some introspection by the industry.”

Hayma has also spoken about a popular serial director CJ Bhaskar, who is still busy directing daily soaps on a noted TV channel. She said, “CJ Bhaskar is a director in the Tamil TV industry. He is a terrible …terrible person. I’ve spoken many times about him to people who were running Sun TV at that time - (Hansraj Saxena - former COO of Sun Network) and Jyotheeswaran. I have said a lot about him not being a good person. In fact, I have asked his assistants to give me his home number so that I could talk to his wife myself. There are characters like him too.”

One may recall that CJ Bhaskar was dragged into controversy after many lady artistes complained against him about sexual torture and harassment eight years ago and the serial directors and producers association reportedly banned him then.