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Revealed! Govinda's cameo role is the surprise entry in Jagga Jasoos, not SRK's


Published on: June 23, 2017 | Updated on: June 23, 2017

Mumbai: The hype around ‘a surprise cameo’ by one of the mega stars in Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif starrer ‘Jagga Jasoos’, was huge.

Recently, rumours of superstar Shah Rukh Khan doing a cameo in ‘Jagga Jasoos’ started doing the rounds. When an online portal asked Ranbir and director Anurag Basu if there is any truth to these stories, Kapoor said, "I did not know SRK was there in the film. I don't think there's Shah Rukh Khan. I would have known. There could be another person's cameo."

"There can be a surprise. I am not committing the actor," added the director.

Now, a picture of Govinda with Kats and Ranbir, dressed in an outlandish fashion, has gone viral on the internet.

Going by the look, Govinda seems to be playing either the part of some queer sage or the head of an ethnic tribal group as both Katrina and Ranbir look on, startled.

After a decade long hiatus and disaster of a comeback with ‘Aa Gaya Hero’, no one could have imagined Ranbir and Basu (both producers of ‘Jagga…’) casting Govinda for this adventure flick.   

The actor, who has also worn the producer’s hat in this film, is leaving no stone unturned to promote the adventure flick along with Basu and female lead Katrina Kaif.

Earlier this year, there were several reports of Kats and Ranbir not wanting to promote ‘Jagga Jasoos’ together because of their alleged break-up in January 2016. Although, the ‘Barfi’ actor claims that most of the reports were false, he admitted that they (the reports) did affect the trio in the beginning. He told a television channel, "It (the reports of Katrina and Ranbir not promoting the film together) was initially (affecting them) and then we were just continuing with our work. To be honest, Anurag and I are producing the film - it's our time and money. It's not as if we are taking an advantage of any third person. If someone's else to lose, it will be us - Money, time and reputation."

Based on the story of a man who turns in to a detective to find his missing father, ‘Jagga Jasoos’ is slated to release on July 14.