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Salman Khan says no to steroids


Published on: November 18, 2019 | Updated on: November 18, 2019

Salman Khan

Everyone who knows about Salman Khan, also knows that his fitness is very important to him. The actor recently launched a fitness equipment brand named Being Strong, and his family and co-stars all came out to support him and his Indian-made brand.

"The best part about our equipment is that it is all made entirely in India. We can say for certain that we have made all of this equipment better than others," Salman gushed about his new venture at its launch event.

The Dabangg star finds that all those who support his brand have a passion for fitness just like him. "All the fans gathered here are connected to health and fitness, and many inspire me to stick to my fitness regime. I too inspire them to stay connected to health and fitness, but I always advise people to create and maintain a healthy body in natural ways," he revealed, clarifying that he is vehemently against steroids and other unnatural stimulants.

"Those who try to keep their body strong by using steroids should understand one thing very clearly: They need not use steroids at all. Many people misuse steroids, which is really bad for their bodies because it damages the kidney, liver and other important parts of our body as well. If you guys do not stop the usage of steroids then remember ki aap jaldi nikal loge (you will reach a quick end)," he warned. However, the actor finds protein powders and supplements acceptable. "Protein shakes and supplements are fine, but steroids don’t give you a natural body. So refrain from its use," he added.

When asked about how he fits his fitness regime into his busy schedule, Salman reveals that he makes sure to take out time for it. "I do not have a fixed time to work out. Whenever I get time, I go and work out. I can do my workout in a small space as well. Undoubtedly, you do need equipment and weights for a proper exercising and fitness regime, but your own body is the best weight if you don’t have any. I can’t dedicate two and a half hours in the gym regularly as I am travelling or shooting, so I fit it into whatever time I have," he concluded.