GoAir suspends international flights over Covid-19

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Offer leave without pay programme for its staff, amid “unprecedented” decline in air travel due to the coronavirus pandemic

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Mumbai: Budget carrier GoAir on tuesday announced suspending international operations and offering leave without pay programme for its staff on a rotational basis, amid “unprecedented” decline in air travel due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The airline was also planning a 20 per cent pay cut for employees in a staggered manner.

In a statement, GoAir said the aviation industry has been one of the most affected by the coronavirus pandemic as governments have issued far reaching travel advisories, customers have curtailed their individual travel plans and businesses have restricted the movement of their employees.

Special events have been postponed or called off, it added.

In the statement, the airline said the sharp decline in air travel that it was experiencing was “unprecedented”.

Against this backdrop, the carrier said it was temporarily suspending all international operations, starting march 17 until april 15.

The carrier flies to 35 destinations, including eight international ones. The overseas destinations are Phuket, Male, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bangkok, Kuwait, and Dammam.