Meet the faces behind B’town’s best bodies

Pravin and Maahek Nair are the names behind Shraddha’s toned body in ABCD 2

Update: 2015-06-16 23:18 GMT

Fitness trainers Pravin and Maahek Nair are the names behind Shraddha Kapoor’s toned body in her upcoming film ABCD 2 and Sushant Singh Rajput’s athletic looking in the M.S. Dhoni biopic.

About their new students Pravin says, “Shraddha is playing a dancer in ABCD2, so the main focus was to make her look lean, have strength, coordination and lots of rotational force.

So we made a workout programme which mainly focused on the above, along with a suitable nutrition plan. She had a great structure and was lean before she came to us, because her body type is such. But her strength, coordination and muscle ratio was less, so we worked on that.”

Shraddha also met with an injury during the shoot, he informs us. “She is an energy house and would give you positive vibes all the time, but during the injury, we had to tweak her workout sessions. Neither of us wanted to stop the workouts.”

Speaking about training Sushant, Maahek says, “Sushant is following a routine of compound movements and kicks so that he looks athletic and flexible at the same time. With Sushant, the primary focus was on his strength, speed co-ordination and balance.”


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