I left 'Comedy Nights With Kapil' to earn more money: Sunil Grover aka Guthi

Published Dec 5, 2013, 3:28 pm IST
Updated Mar 18, 2019, 10:06 pm IST
New Delhi, Dec 5: Stand-up comedian Sunil Grover, who played the funny female character Gutthi on 'Comedy Nights with Kapil', tried to clear the air on his leaving the TV show, saying he wanted to earn more money.
There were reports that the 29-year-old funnyman opted out of the comedy show because his contract was getting over and the show's producer and host Kapil Sharma was not ready to give him a hike he had asked for.
Sunil was participating in the Agenda Aajtak session here. When yoga guru Ramdev, who was also one of the speakers at the session, asked Sunil whether money was the reason behind his quitting the show as quoted by the news channel, he dodged the question initially.
But when Ramdev asked him again and blessed him saying he should earn more, then Sunil said, "Aur zyada mile isliye maine chora. (I left the show to get more money). I spend most of my time these days in explaining why I left 'Comedy Nights'."
Sunil also said that his famous onscreen character Gutthi was not created by anyone, insisting that it was an amalgamation of the mannerisms of girls he met in his college days.
"Gutthi has come from my experiences I had in my college. I used to study in Guru Nanak college and there we had only seven girls out of 4,300 boys. And girls in small towns mostly behave in the same manner the way I used to do in the show," he said.
With the characters like Gutthi and Sud (a deadpan character in a radio channel), he brought a change in comedy which was much more than just a mimicry.
"I am a small wannabe. I don't like something which is perfect. It's more fun being a wannabe because there is always a scope to learn more. When I approach a character, I don't take it as comedy because I don't know how to do it. 
"I have a special power to understand a human psyche. I just enter to a person's mind and try to enact them," he added.
Being born to a Punjabi Hindu family in a small village Dabwali, Haryana, Sunil always loved to make people laugh through his antics and his first show as a funnyman started at a village marriage.
"I used to take up a character from our family and used to highlight one side of him in our marriages. People used to laugh at me like anything. That's how I built up the confidence of becoming a funnyman," he said.