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Sunil Grover aka Gutthi to quit 'Comedy Nights with Kapil' to host his own show?

Agencies | November 13, 2013, 22.11 pm IST
Mumbai, Nov 12: Popular actor-comedian Sunil Grover, who essays the funny Punjabi girl 'Gutthi' in 'Comedy Nights with Kapil' is bidding adieu to the hit TV show.
There are plenty of rumours doing the rounds, speculating on the reasons for Gutthi's decision. Some say that Sunil demanded a raise in his pay package for the show, which was not acceptable by the makers and hence he decided to walk out of it. However, sources denied such talks.
There are also rumours that Sunil is interested in starting and hosting his show, and that it will be aired on a rival channel.
The show, aired on Colors has become immensely popular thanks to producer-anchor Kapil Sharma's comic timing and rib-tickling combination of characters like Daadi, Bua, Palak and Gutthi aka Grover.
Gutthi's antics and songs have always left the audiences and the guests in split.
"He is happy that his character of Gutthi was accepted and loved so much by the audience. He (Sunil Grover) won't be part of the show due to prior commitments. It is less likely that he would return to the show," sources close to the development told PTI.
Producer Kapil Sharma could not be reached for comments.


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Moonie's picture
by Moonie (not verified) on
That will be very sad!! Its really bad that channels and producers pay the real artist poorly but are willing to give celebrities in crores! Shame on K9 and colors for not respecting this amazing artist, Sunil Grover
Sandeep Pattanaik's picture
by Sandeep Pattanaik (not verified) on
Yes Moonie you are right. Kapil and Colors are think about this matter. Because this is a high trp show. If he leave, then definitely the show will loose trp.
Surekha's picture
by Surekha (not verified) on
Moonie are u SIBS ????????????? Kapil has taken right step.and there will be another GUTTHI instead of Grover ........
kaur pam's picture
by kaur pam (not verified) on
Yup surekha...if gutthi get popular only coz of kapil..... love u kapil
mamy's picture
by mamy (not verified) on
kapil has taken a right step u so much kapil
vik's picture
by vik (not verified) on
Gutthi aka Grover is a great actor.... Obviously he will be missed by all... But sometimes people have other things they want to do... I really dont think he is leaving or money reason inbetween the season. Grover is a respectable entertainer he would not ask for more inbetween his contract as he can get sued. He is a very good actor I hope to see him on the show but.... They will replace him with another actor who is dying to be on the show. thats all thats gonna happen. People get replaced when there is an issue or a conflict. Secondly he Grover got a better position else where its better for him. All the best to Gutthhi aka Grover ... You will be missed if you Leave!!!!
Equator's picture
by Equator (not verified) on
yup... grover was another 40% of the show ... if Kapil, Azgar were 60%. I think comedy circus was also of the same fate as with comedy nights with kapil. It is all ego clashes. Life is simple not so complex... making a successful show look foolish at the end of the day
stupidmoonie's picture
by stupidmoonie (not verified) on
how can u say he is been paid low,do you know that these actors earn minimum a lakh per show. and BTW, it was kapil's idea of creating ghutti.
Mansi's picture
by Mansi (not verified) on
Yup that's true and guthi should definitely cum back. We all luv the character of guthi
Meenal Shukla's picture
by Meenal Shukla (not verified) on
One of the main reasons for watching this show was Gutthi. This will seriously effect the TRPs. The ajow will lose its popularity. Such a shame!
Satyam007's picture
by Satyam007 (not verified) on
People wait for Gutthi's entry...instead of taking stupid questions from audience and bringing characters on should increase gutthi's part and gutthi is only one who never does over !! Not only as gutthi Sunil acts outstandingly well in every character .... dadi , bua , etc all do same thing everytime only sunil does different roles ... he is a true entertainer and he is senior to kapil ... kapil should respect him and channel should pay what he deserves...the show will be handicapped without Gutthi !!
deepak patil's picture
by deepak patil (not verified) on
I am totally agree with you, everybody at my home used to wait eagerly for gutthis entry.. we'will difinitely miss Gutthi. & the sad thing is the eagerness to watch gutthis entry start from the begining is no more... we will miss u badly Gutthi....
Kapilsucks's picture
by Kapilsucks (not verified) on
Sunil is so entertaining unlike Kapil who keeps on criticizing everyone. Though he is funny he is sometimes offensive to the public.
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
gutthi was always entertaining,i m so sure that this is going to affect the trp...kapil gets monotonous over time it was sunil grover whose different characters were like a breath of fresh air i wish he remains..
kapils fan..'s picture
by kapils fan.. (not verified) on
vry sad to hear about guthi quitting the show..sunil grover has been doin a fine job to make ppl laugh along with palak .wil miss their sure it will take some time for kapil & guthi's fans like "me' to get accustomed to the new characters who'd replace guthy (if any) ..but wishing kapil good luck with the show..hope he keeps up his charm n continue to make ppl laugh harder!!!..
srushti kadam's picture
by srushti kadam (not verified) on
d show ws being watched only for gutthi! wil miss him soo badly! :( it is a sad thing dat their trp is gng to drastically fall down due to the exit of gutthi frm d show..i just hope he dsnt leave :'(
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
Kapil should Retain Guthi ..Majority of the audience eagerly wait for guthi's entry , it will indeed be a big loss if guthi decides to move out :(
andy12345's picture
by andy12345 (not verified) on
good he is gone it was becoming too monotonous, kapil we are with u!
Rekha 's picture
by Rekha (not verified) on
Gutti was my favourite and he is super talented... He deserves a hike for sure .... He does any role with so much passion... Guys recognise real talent ....
yates's picture
by yates (not verified) on
sunil need not to do this......he is popular enough we all love him money matters more than audience love to him.....i hope all will get settled soon....we want guthi back with dignity & respect
baba chamtkari's picture
by baba chamtkari (not verified) on
really its a loss for the show.. gutthi is a real entertainer.. i watch just because of gutthi , palak, dadi and bua otherwise this show is nothing rather then insulting of audience who ask questions.. these people comes in the show to make it popular..
kapils fan's picture
by kapils fan (not verified) on
gutthhi u must not leave the show actually uve got the real fame from this character called gutthhi sunil wch kapil's show gave you and its true that the team work is better then indivodual... so hope u take ur decision with some sense and just not look or run after your profit ...
nishant kumar's picture
by nishant kumar (not verified) on
so true.i didnt knew who sunil was,it was the character guthi that brought him into the lights,i dont leaving the show soon is a good decision at all.i like guthi only for the introduction,and gulshan songs.yes i would miss that for sure,very badly.grover should have waited a little more.
XYZ's picture
by XYZ (not verified) on
If Gutthi (sunil grover) is so famous today, it is only due to "comedy nights with kapil". Without this show gutthi won't be liked by the people as he was liked in kapil's show. So gutthi should give a thought to his decision before leaving the show.
Sam B 's picture
by Sam B (not verified) on
Guthi I missed you in the last show. Didn't think you're not returning. This is sad news. Sunil Grover is super-talented and funny in every character. I will miss him. Hope he comes back to the show.
Anant Pandher's picture
by Anant Pandher (not verified) on
people rarely understand.. guthi only came into light just becasue of comedy nights with kapil.. using show as platform > gaining popularity and then leaving because u wanna make everyone feel that ur better is just lame.. i can promise you let guthi create his own show.. it wont be watched over a month.. kapil sharma is backbone of comedy.. its just sad that ppl have taken him for guaranteed and whinning abt guthi
Vaish's picture
by Vaish (not verified) on
So true.I don't understand y these people don't understand the obvious.Grover is nothing without kapil.
Vaish's picture
by Vaish (not verified) on
So true. I don't understand why people don't realise the obvious.Grover is nothing without kapil.
well wisher of kapil and sunil's picture
by well wisher of ... (not verified) on
Sunil Grover is a very talented guy and kapil is famous for his witty and lively comments on the set. It will be good for both and for the audience and public who watch the show that the show should go on for atleast some more weeks without any changes in the cast.
vincy's picture
by vincy (not verified) on
its sad if gutthi leaves.i watched d show to see gutthi n kapil.n now if gutthi is gone.i dnt knw whether i will watch d show or not?kapil and gutthi both are lifeline of d show.if u want to remove someone pls remove daadi bcz she is a real bore.
Kapil's Fan's picture
by Kapil's Fan (not verified) on
Let Gutthi go off..... Kapil is the comedy king and he will remain so.. Sunil Grover aka Gutthi was not this much popular as has become because of the show. Instead of being the guidance and support to Kapil and team he wanted to earn from what Kapil made him? Shame on Mr. Grover...... This way you will never prove to be a success. All the very best to Kapil..... Comedy nights has to see more heights...... BEST WISHES KAPIL JI.....
mir zubair's picture
by mir zubair (not verified) on
sunil grover is good but the kapil is best
Rinkuriki's picture
by Rinkuriki (not verified) on
Very sad to here this i used to see Gutthi and Palak combo anxiously and most awaited for them but now onwards i dont find such reasons to see the program any more
Suchi's picture
by Suchi (not verified) on
Please dont leave Guttti, you will be missed truely... tum ho toh char chand lag jaate hain show mein... Luv u Guttiiii, the way u introduce urself, ur dance just awesme....... Kapil please do smething.......................
tadka's picture
by tadka (not verified) on
Sunil Grover (gutthi) is far talented than Kapil. He should not waste his talent under the shadow of Kapil. It is a good decision by him to host another show. Kapil is just insulting to audience and he does not even allow the guest celebrities to speak more. Best wishes to Sunil Grover
Simy's picture
by Simy (not verified) on
We'll all miss u a lot gutthi. U r the spark of dis show. W/o u this show is incomplete and ur unique way of introduction, We all gonna miss that.....
Sanjay Jinwal's picture
by Sanjay Jinwal (not verified) on
Its very sad if Gutthi leaves this show. I watch show regularly. kapil is the best but Gutthi is the doing main role in this show. so i request to kapil pls do something for Gutthi.
Gutthi's Fan's picture
by Gutthi's Fan (not verified) on
Will Miss Gutthi.... Kapil is sick and a headache
sabita's picture
by sabita (not verified) on
no mater who left da character of comedy nights with kapil...its theirs badluck its da show of kapil n all characters of kapil r famous jus coz of kapil....they should b thank ful to kapil.... guthi will b there in comedy nights wid kapil if nt sunil.grover it will b most comedian than him ;) we luv u kapil.. EAST TO WEST KAPIL IS DA BEST :*
rahul jaiswal's picture
by rahul jaiswal (not verified) on
I think this is gud to see grover quite that shows.....he is very much capable to show his talent of his own. He will gona start a new show....and guess what we ll be entertained by two best standup comedian :)
GUTTI fan's picture
by GUTTI fan (not verified) on
Please CNWK crew members please call her back.Without her, show will lose its charm please..........................!some time kapil irritate audience, by his irritating comment .
Nisheet Arora's picture
by Nisheet Arora (not verified) on
Whatever..... if they wanna replace gutthi with some other character ... from my point of view it will never give that flavor that Sunil use to deliver... i mean say its same as if u need onion in salad ...& i give you carrot against that ., will u get same taste?? of-course not !! .. Sunil's timing, way of pitching, expressions added life to "Guthi" character. So my advice would be you producers & makers of the show should compromise lil bit with Sunil's demand & continue show with him.
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
Sunny Deol's episode without Guthi was one of the best in recent times. Guys Guthi got famous coz of Comedy Nights. CNWK was already famous without her. And its not really about money. Kapil and Colors can't control everything. Its the decision of an individual to do whatever he wants once his contract expires. People rarely knew Mr. Grover before Comedy Nights. Stop criticizing Kapil and please use some logic. Guthi was anyways a bit of over acting.
laxmi iyer's picture
by laxmi iyer (not verified) on
Gutthi please I love you don't leave the show I will never watch cnwk again.pls don't leave.
will not watch cnwk's picture
by will not watch cnwk (not verified) on
first- kapil need to understand the show is not b'use of him, he need to respect the audience,accepted it's commedy show, but don't take it granted, their r lot many who behave like this and they received their fruits for that. gutthi is unique charater and it's the artist who make the charater live, not the show or kapil. Last -don't like the boaring sidhhu
prashant.'s picture
by prashant. (not verified) on
it Will be very sad if gutti Will b not there in the show and all the interest Will b gone if gutti Will not b thr :( request to k9 bring bak gutti
imaan's picture
by imaan (not verified) on
i was watchin th show n i hav switchd to anodr channel..sunil is a real gud talent n he shd be apreciated fo tht. he l b back soon to kick thr asses..
YTK's picture
by YTK (not verified) on
Its like Kapil sharma leaving comedy circus and starting his own show. These people will continue to entertain us being in CNWK or any other comedy program. I am with Sunil as his performance is always overshadowed by kapils disrespectful comments. It’s the same with Sumona (Kapils wife), we will not be surprised if we hear one day that sumona has left CNWK.
hey's picture
by hey (not verified) on
Stop saying Kapil is great...this concept is not new. Comedy nights with Kapil is exact replica of Kumar's at 42, a british television show that was aired on star world channel long back...i was a regular viewer of the show. you can watch th
jetinder kumar's picture
by jetinder kumar (not verified) on
Great Gutthi Is Best Evere Behalf Of Kapil Sharma Hats Off To Him


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