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China can wipe out Indian troops, says Chinese media amid Sikkim standoff

Published Aug 5, 2017, 5:04 pm IST
Updated Aug 5, 2017, 7:13 pm IST
'India is publicly challenging a country that is far superior in strength,' the Global Times said.
The ongoing Doklam standoff between India and China has to be seen in the larger context. (File Photo)
 The ongoing Doklam standoff between India and China has to be seen in the larger context. (File Photo)

Beijing: Lashing out a strong warning at the Modi government, China on Saturday asked India to be aware of its army’s overwhelming firepower and logistics. The neighbouring country, China has been holding India responsible for Sikkim standoff.

Boasting about its superiority, Chinese state-run Global Times in an editorial said, “India is publicly challenging a country that is far superior in strength. India's recklessness has shocked Chinese.”


It further said, “Maybe its regional hegemonism in South Asia and the Western media comments have blinded New Delhi into believing that it can treat a giant to its north in the way it bullies other South Asian countries.”

Stating that it is a war with an obvious result in favour of China, the editorial said, “Indian border troops are no rival to People's Liberation Army field forces. But, if a war spreads, the PLA is perfectly capable of annihilating all Indian troops in the border region.”

The Sikkim standoff, which has entered into its third month in August, started with India’s opposition to a road construction by China at the strategically important Chicken’s Neck region which falls under tri-junction point between India-Bhutan-China.


The editorial, known for its hard hitting stance on India, said, “The Indian government’s move is irresponsible to regional security and is gambling against India's destiny and its people's well-being.”

As China already blames India for the border spat, the editorial said, “If the Modi government refuses to stop, it will push its country into a war that India has no power to control.”

Urging China’s People’s Liberation Army to be prepared for war like situation, the Global Times said, “We believe that the PLA has made sufficient preparation for military confrontation.”


The editorial added, “India is concerned that the road China was building in Doklam might threaten the security of the Siliguri Corridor”, however, it questioned that “how does that justify Indian troops' incursion into another country in utter disregard of international treaties?”

Stressing that the PLA did not strike in the past month when Indian troops trespassed into alleged Chinese territory, the Global Times said, “If the Modi government takes China's goodwill for weakness, its recklessness will only lead to devastation.”


It also urged Modi government to stop lying to its people that "India in 2017 is different from India in 1962,” adding that “the gap in national strength between the two countries is the largest in the past 50 years”.

Earlier on Thursday, the Chinese foreign and defence ministries have released statements on the illegal trespass of Indian troops into Chinese territory, vowing to take all necessary measures to make India withdraw its troops unconditionally.

Location: China, Peking, Peking