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Ahead of Modi's visit, Israel adopts resolution for strengthening ties with India

Published Jun 30, 2017, 8:58 pm IST
Updated Jun 30, 2017, 8:58 pm IST
Israel government has approved the "Israeli Cabinet Resolution on Strengthening Ties with the Republic of India."
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Photo: AFP)
 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Photo: AFP)

Jerusalem: Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's historic visit to Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that his government has approved the "Israeli Cabinet Resolution on Strengthening Ties with the Republic of India."

This resolution is a direct result of the Israeli Prime Minister's instructions to concentrate governmental efforts on strengthening political, economic, scientific and cultural ties with India.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be the first serving Indian prime minister to visit Israel to mark 25 years of the establishment of diplomatic ties between New Delhi and Jerusalem.

Celebrating 25 years of Indo-Israel diplomatic relations, the Government resolution aims at combining the capabilities of both the Indian and Israeli economies for the benefit of both countries.

The measures to be taken by the government ministries stress the importance of our growing partnership in various fields: Agriculture, Water, Innovation and Research and Development, Space, Cyber, Health and more.


In addition, the resolution has placed an emphasis on bringing the modern people of two ancient nations closer together, through deepening cultural ties and encouraging tourism.

A flagship project will be undertaken by the both governments in the field of water and agriculture, which will demonstrate Israel's capabilities while providing solutions to current Indian needs.

The project will include, inter alia, solutions to the following concerns: water conservation, reducing pollution along the Ganges River, using recycled water in irrigation and increasing agricultural production.


Israel's ambassador to India Daniel Carmon said, "This landmark resolution is a significant tool providing ministries and governmental agencies a road map and resources in order to implement PM Netanyahu's vision of further bolstering the relationship between both our countries".

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