Saudi bride divorced for chatting on mobile phone minutes after marriage

The bride began texting her friends right after the marriage ceremony and told her husband they were more important.

Dubai: A woman in Saudi Arabia was divorced by her husband minutes after their marriage as she ignored him and kept on chatting with her friends on mobile phone, a media report said on Tuesday.

Following the marriage ceremony, the newly-wed couple went to a hotel where she began exchanging messages with her friends soon after they entered their room.

The groom wanted to talk to her but she ignored him. When he asked her about the reasons, the bride said she was busy communicating with her friends who were congratulating her on their marriage on the mobile, Gulf News reported.

The groom then asked her to chat later but she refused and became angry. At this, he asked if her friends were more important than him, the bride answered yes, Saudi daily Al Watan quoted one of their relatives as saying.

As the argument between the couple became heated, the groom told his bride he was divorcing her and left the hotel.

A divorce case has been filed and the court referred it to the reconciliation committee to assess if the couple could be reconciled.

The groom, however, was too hurt in his pride to forgive and refused to withdraw the case and insisted on the divorce, the report said.

( Source : PTI )
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