Maldives Opposition Moves to Impeach President Amid Parliament Chaos

MDP gathers support for impeachment motion after chaotic parliamentary session.

Male: The main opposition party of the Maldives, the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), which holds a majority in Parliament, has gathered enough signatures to submit a motion to impeach Maldivian President Mohamed Muizzu, Maldivian local media, The Sun reported on Monday.

It reported quoting a lawmaker from the MDP, that the MDP in partnership with the Democrats have gathered signatures for an impeachment motion.

A total of 34 members, including representatives from both the MDP and Democrats, have given their support to the motion for the impeachment of the president that was disrupted yesterday over chaos in the Maldivian parliament, according to Adhahdhu.

Adhadhu is an online news portal in the Maldives.

The Sun further reported that the MDP had decided it will deny approval to Ali Ihusan, the home minister, and Mohamed Ghassan Maumoon, the defense minister, if government lawmakers continue to disrupt the Parliament.

Meanwhile, after a skirmish between political leaders inside the Maldivian Parliament, heavy police arrangements have been made to tighten the security in the parliament ahead of today's session, according to Adhahdhu.

In a video shared by the media outlet, police personnel were seen assembling outside the Parliament complex carrying protective shields.

Earlier on Sunday, the Maldives Parliament witnessed violence when government MPs (PPM/PNC party) disturbed the proceedings of Parliament and the Speakers.

A key vote on parliamentary approval for the Muizzu government was scheduled on Sunday.

As dramatic visuals surfaced on social media from Male, a fight between MDP MP Isa and PNC MP Abdullah Shaheem Abdul Hakeem was seen.

According to Adhadhu, one video showcased Shaheem gripping Isa's leg and the two falling together, whereas another visual that went viral on social media showed Isa kicking Shaheem's neck and pulling his hair.

The footage also shows other members pushing Shaheem out of the area. A member of parliament was brought to an ambulance after suffering injuries, the local media reported.

Notably, the ministers' approval was slated for 1:30 p.m. However, several PNC members barricaded the House and disrupted the session.

The demonstrators said that accepting the ministers would stymie progress, as they demanded the Speaker of Parliament to quit.

The ruling coalition parties, the PNC and the PPP, released a statement portraying the ministers' refusal as an impediment to the delivery of public services, according to Adhadhu.

However, Chief Advisor to Muizzu and PNC Chairman Abdul Raheem Abdullah stated that the ministers have the right to be reappointed even if they are not authorised.

He criticised the refusal to approve the ministers as irresponsible.

Quite recently, two opposition parties in the Maldives came out against the current regime over its 'stark' anti-India pivot.

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and the Democrats jointly issued a joint press statement, labelling the shift in foreign policy as 'extremely detrimental' to the country's long-term development.

The statement served to reassert and affirm the Opposition's belief that "alienating any development partner, and especially the country's most long-standing ally will be extremely detrimental to the long-term development of the country".

The Opposition further underscored that "stability and security in the Indian Ocean is vital to the stability and security of the Maldives.

"Both the MDP and The Democrats emphasised the critical need for consecutive governments to maintain the ability "to work with all development partners for the benefit of the people of the Maldives, as the Maldives has traditionally done". (ANI)

( Source : ANI )
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