Here is why Elon Musk said he will not have omelettes for a week

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday said that he would stop eating omelettes as a punishment for a heinous crime that he committed.

Musk often makes it to headlines with his controversial yet funny statements on micro-blogging site 'X'.
Going into details, an 'X' user sharing the front page of American daily newspaper, 'The New York Times,' accused the publication of not giving significance to important stories.
The user, Mike Pesca who hosts a daily news analysis podcast, wrote, "If you aren't familiar with the grammar of the Times front page layout here it is: The top right story is the lead story, the top left story is the sub-lead everything else above the fold is the important news of the day. Today the New York Times says the second most important story is mounting pressure from senior congressional Dems to push Biden out of the race. The 3rd most important story is a shocking French election results upending all expectations. The MOST important story is Elon Musk's successful space launch destroying nine bird nests."
SpaceX founder Musk wittily reacting to Pesca's tweet, said "To make up for this heinous crime, I will refrain from having omelette for a week." Responding and agreeing to a user's comment, Musk said, "Yeah, in the same newspaper, they buried the Boeing story where they killed hundreds of humans โ€ฆ"
The billionaire's tweet as usual caught the eye of netizens drawing funny reactions. Of all the reactions, one funny comment by a user caught the most attention, the user wrote, "How could you hurt the birds when you own ๐•."

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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