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'Was raped nightly for 13 years': Woman held as sex slave reveals torment

Published Dec 29, 2016, 9:48 am IST
Updated Dec 29, 2016, 9:48 am IST
In a book, the victim writes about how the captor allegedly enslaved her and repeatedly raped her for 13 years.
Representational Picture (Photo: File)
 Representational Picture (Photo: File)

London: In a shocking incident that came to light in UK, a British girl was allegedly enslaved and held as a sex slave for 13 years by an Asian taxi driver, who also supposedly sold all the four children she borne during the period.

Narrating her story for the first time in her new book Secret Slave, Anna Ruston said that she was abducted when she was 15 by Malik. Ruston also said that she was repeatedly raped by her captor and was also prostituted out to other men, according to report in the Daily Mail.


During the years of abuse, Ruston claimed to have borne four children, who were feared to have been sold by Malik.  She was forced to use a can in the corner of a room as a lavatory, said Ruston.

The report also mentioned that Ruston had lived with Malik’s family – his mother, brothers and their wives – but none of them helped her. The wives gave her painkillers occasionally, said Ruston also revealing that they were getting abused them selves and that would use make up to disguise their bruises.

As someone with no close family -- her parents were not ready to support her and after her grandmother passed away, she was living with a friend -- it all began when she trusted his initial affection. Malik had invited her to his house. She was also welcomed by his family.     


But things started going downhill immediately afterwards as he suddenly turned on her, called her abuses, locked the door and raped her, something he continued to do for 13 years, she said.

In her new book, she also wrote about how overjoyed she was when she discovered that she was pregnant for the first time. But that joy didn’t last for long as her first son was soon taken away from her. She did not even get to hold any of her babies, she said, adding that she feared that Malik might have sold them. 

Ruston was quoted saying, 'Malik dressed me in his culture’s clothes, dyed my hair black, made me wear a scarf and keep my head down. When he spoke for me they thought it was a cultural thing. And I think people are scared to be accused of discrimination.'


She also narrated how she had tried to flee through the back door, but as she was beaten badly afterwards, she was scared to attempt it again.

While she tried to attempt suicide, help came in the form of a health visitor who had come to check her as she weighed only 38 kgs. Since, she knew Malik’s family would be busy with their Eid celebrations. The visitor promised to wait outside and ring the house phone three times. Luckily for Ruston, the keys were in the door as the family was busy with their prayers. 

Even thought she has been free for 16 years, She also stated that the garlic smell from her captor still haunted her. Ruston stated that she was still afraid to report her abuser to the police.


But however, she has rebuilt her life slowly with her new book, which she was advised to write for her therapy, and her new family -- husband and four kids, said the report.