'What colour will Eiffel Tower be next?', IS supporters launch poll for next target

The UK was voted most in an online poll put by an Islamic State supporter asking which country should be targeted next.

Islamic State supporters have mocked the solidarity displayed by various countries over the Brussels attacks by putting put up an online poll asking what colour would the Eiffel Tower be next and asking people to suggest which country should the dreaded organisation target next.

ISIS had claimed responsibility for the triple bomb attacks that took place in Brussels international airport and Maelbeek metro station, leaving 31 people dead and close to 300 injured.

'What will be the colour of the Eiffel Tower in the next attacks?' was the poll question published by one user online. The iconic building had lit up in the colours of the Belgian flag to show solidarity to the victims of the Brussels bombings. In November last year, it had lit up in the colours of the French flag after the deadly Paris attacks, which was also orchestrated by the Islamic State.

US, Russia and United Kingdom were among the countries that featured in the poll and UK was voted most by jihadi supporters for being the next target of terror attack.

'The Islamic State will attack London, Washington, Rome and all the infidels' capitals,' tweeted an ISIS supporter.

IS members distributed sweets to residents of Syria to celebrate the Brussels attacks. (Photo: SITE) IS members distributed sweets to residents of Syria to celebrate the Brussels attacks. (Photo: SITE)

This comes a day after ISIS had released photos of its members celebrating the brutal slaughter of innocent lives in Europe by distributing sweets.

Photographs showing jihadis handing out sweets to residents in Syria were circulated by the terror group across the internet.

Photographs showed bags of sweets and other items being handed by militants to young children and men in the province of Deir Ezzor, eastern Syria.

The photos included a statement, describing how ISIS had distributed sweets to Muslims in 'joy of the blessed attack against the Crusaders in Brussels.'

The ease with which suicide bombers were able to set off powerful explosions in Brussels has triggered massive security concerns across the globe and also shown how popular European cities have become soft targets for ISIS fighters.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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