Hitler did not commit suicide, claim CIA operatives who helped kill Bin Laden

The only bodily remains of the Fuhrer which have been accepted as authentic, is a piece of his lower jaw possessed by the Russians.

What if Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide at his Berlin bunker, as we have all been told, but instead flew to Argentina after the collapse of the Third Reich?

According to a report in Daily Mail, this is not just another conspiracy theory.

Recent investigations for a television show by former CIA operative Bob Baer and Tim Kennedy, who were involved in capturing Al Qaeda leaders Osama Bin Laden and Abu al-Zarqawi, has opened up the possibility for an alternative version of history.

After browsing through 14,000 declassified documents, the duo discovered that one document sourced from British intelligence claimed that just a day before Hitler took his own life, i.e. on April 29, 1945, he was flown out of Berlin by Luftwaffe pilot Captain Peter Baumgart.

Also, investigators unearthed an earlier unknown fifth exit from Hitler’s bunker, which lead to a space large enough to be a makeshift runway.

Another document claimed that an SS officer had spotted Hitler in Denmark, before changing planes to his destination, according to the report. Evidence of a military-style compound in Argentina where Hitler may have stayed, was also discovered in the investigation.

Adding to the drama, the only bodily remains of the Fuhrer, which have been accepted as authentic by historians, is a piece of his lower jaw possessed by the Russians.

For Baer, only this could solve the conspiracy theories around the dictator’s death. But Russia has not released the piece of jaw for forensic study yet.

The bodies of Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun were swathed in blankets, placed in a bomb crater and set on fire, just outside the bunker, according to the Russian Army.

After the remains were dug by Russian forensics, fragments of his skull and jaw were retrieved. The skull piece was dismissed as evidence in 2009, leaving the jaw shard as the only piece of evidence.

According to the report, the corpse was interred in Magdeburg, East Germany where it remained after Stalin’s death in 1953. It also stated that Russia’s main security agency, KGB dug up the ashes in 1970 and scattered it in a river.

Observing that there are no credible first-hand witnesses alive who saw the dictator, Baer claimed the jaw piece is the key to puzzle.

“'If we want to conclude this story, I would get the lower jaw,” Baer was quoted as saying.

There are also conspiracy theories that Hitler was living with his girlfriend until in South America in 1984 with pictures of an elderly man, allegedly Hitler, surfacing on the internet.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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