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Mentally ill lied on sperm bank website

Published Apr 12, 2016, 1:14 am IST
Updated Apr 12, 2016, 7:13 am IST
The company denies any wrongdoing.
Chris Aggeles
 Chris Aggeles

New York:  A Georgia man whose donated sperm was used to create 36 children duped 26 families into believing he was the healthy man he advertised on his sperm-bank profile.

According to Daily News,  around 26 families used his sperm — was in fact a con artist covering up his history as a mentally ill convict, according to a new lawsuit from a Canadian couple. The suit says Aggeles, a 39-year-old Georgia resident, swindled the couples who were seeking his seed — and helped conceive 36 children before the truth came out.

“It was like a dream turned nightmare in an instant,” Angie Collins, an Ontario resident and plaintiff in the suit, told the Toronto Star about the conception con.
But in June 2014, couple Angela Collins and Margaret Elizabeth Hanson of Port Hope, Ontario, discovered Aggeles, whose real name is James Christian Aggeles had schizophrenia and a criminal history that led to him serving time in jail. He was also a college dropout and struggled to hold down jobs.

The couple chose this donor, and his sperm helped conceive their son, born in July 2007. It took seven years for Collins and Hanson to learn the truth about their dream donor — thanks to an email Xytex apparently sent by accident, breaching confidentiality by revealing the identity of Donor 9623.

Allegations against Xytex, which include fraud and negligent misrepresentation, have yet to be proven in court. The company denies any wrongdoing. Xytex lawyer Ted Lavender said the company will ‘vigorously defend’ itself against any lawsuits.