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Tear gas, mass arrests in Paris

Published Dec 9, 2018, 2:01 am IST
Updated Dec 9, 2018, 2:01 am IST
31,000 people protests nationwide, including 8,000 in Paris.
A protester wearing a yellow vest (Gilet jaune) throws a cobble at police forces near the Champs Elysees in Paris on Saturday. (Photo: AFP)
 A protester wearing a yellow vest (Gilet jaune) throws a cobble at police forces near the Champs Elysees in Paris on Saturday. (Photo: AFP)

Paris: Armoured vehicles rolled through central Paris on Saturday as riot police clashed with “yellow vest” demonstrators, who set fire to barricades and hurled rocks in the latest demonstrations against President Emmanuel Macron.

Shouts of “Macron, resign” mingled with tear gas on the Champs-Elysees avenue, which was the scene of the worst rioting in Paris in decades last week. 


Thick plumes of black smoke from fires could be seen rising high into the sky over the city. 

Government calls for protesters to stay away from “Act IV” of a battle that began over fuel prices but ballooned into an anti-Macron revolt fell on deaf ears, with demonstrators making their way to Paris from across the country. 

In the Grands Boulevards shopping district, masked protesters threw rocks at riot police and set fire to a barricade hastily assembled from stolen dustbins and Christmas trees. Denis, a 30-year-old forklift driver from the Normandy port of Caen, travelled to Paris for the first time on Saturday to make his voice heard after three weeks at the barricades in the provinces. 


“I’m here for my 15-month-old son. I can’t let him live in a country where the poor are exploited,” he said. 

The demonstrators began blockading roads over rising fuel taxes on November 17 but their list of demands have since grown, with many calling for the resignation of Macron, whom they accuse of favouring the rich. 

Coordinated “yellow vest” protests were taking place across the country on Saturday, including on numerous motorways, causing havoc on the national road network. 

Deputy interior minister Laurent Nunez said an estimated 31,000 people were taking part in protests nationwide, including 8,000 in Paris  similar numbers to last week. 


Around 700 people had been detained, most of them in Paris. Police carried out checks on people arriving at the capital's train stations, confiscating items that could be used as projectiles as well as surgical masks and goggles used to protect against the effects of tear gas. Some of those arrested were carrying hammers, slingshots and rocks. But many of the demonstrators insisted they wanted no violence. 

Parts of the city centre were on effective lockdown, with shops, museums, the Eiffel Tower and many metro stations closed. 


Top-flight football matches and concerts were cancelled. Last weekend’s violence, which saw some 200 cars torched and the Arc de Triomphe vandalised, shook France and plunged Macron’s government into its deepest crisis so far. 

“These past three weeks have produced a monster that its creators no longer control,” interior minister Christophe Castaner said Friday, vowing “zero tolerance” towards those aiming to wreak further destruction.