Pope Francis returns home from hospital

Vatican City: Pope Francis, on Saturday morning, was released from the Gemelli Hospital after being treated for bronchitis, according to the Vatican news.

In a statement, released on Saturday morning, Holy See Press Office noted that, before his departure, the Holy Father greeted the leadership of the hospital, including Franco Anelli, the Rector of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart; Marco Elefanti, the General Director of the Policlinic; and the General Ecclesiastical Assistant for the hospital, Bishop Claudio Giuliodori, as well as the medical team and healthcare workers who assisted him during his convalescence.

The Agostino Gemelli University Policlinic, the largest hospital in Rome, is the teaching hospital for the Catholic University's medical school. The hospital is named for Franciscan Friar Agostino Gemelli, a physician and psychologist, who was also the founder and first rector of the University.

As he left the hospital, Pope Francis stopped his car briefly to greet those present, pausing for a moment to embrace and pray with a couple who had lost their daughter during the night.

Pope Francis was admitted to Gemelli hospital in Rome on Wednesday after he complained of breathing problems. After the clinical check-up and tests, the doctors said that Pope Francis had bronchitis and were administering antibiotic therapy to treat him.

In a statement, Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said, "Based on the predictable outcome, the Holy Father could be released in the next few days."

After his weekly general audience in St Peter's Square on Wednesday, Pope Francis was taken to the hospital to undergo a number of tests. The Vatican in a statement said that the visit and tests were planned.

Shortly after, Matteo Bruni said that the pontiff's schedule for Thursday had been cleared "to make space for the continuation of tests should that be necessary," as per the news report.

Later, Matteo Bruni in a statement said, "In recent days Pope Francis complained of some respiratory difficulties and this afternoon he went to Policlinico A. Gemelli for some medical checks."

He further added, "The outcome of the same showed a respiratory infection (excluding Covid-19 infection) that will require a few days of appropriate hospital medical therapy. Pope Francis is touched by the many messages received and expresses his gratitude for the closeness and prayer."

Pope Francis, who as a young man suffered from severe pneumonia and had part of a lung removed has had a history of health issues, as per the CNN report. He was often seen using a walking stick and sometimes using a wheelchair due to pain in his right knee.

( Source : ANI )
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