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'You bloody black Indians': 5 teens in Australia assault man from Kerala

Published Mar 26, 2017, 7:17 pm IST
Updated Mar 26, 2017, 9:19 pm IST
He has urged MEA to ensure punishment to accused, as there was no serious effort from authorities to bring them to justice.
Li Max Joy from Kottayam in Kerala. (Photo: Facebook/Li Max Joy)
 Li Max Joy from Kottayam in Kerala. (Photo: Facebook/Li Max Joy)

Melbourne/Kottayam: An Indian man from Kerala was allegedly assaulted by a group of teenagers who hurled racial abuses at him at a restaurant in Australia's Hobart.

Li Max Joy, who is pursuing a nursing course and working as a part time taxi driver in Australia, alleged that five people including a girl hurled racial abuses like "you bloody black Indians" at him and assaulted him up at the McDonald’s restaurant at North Hobart, he told PTI.


33-year-old Joy, who hails from Puthuppally in Kottayam district, said the incident took place when he went to the restaurant for a coffee after returning from a trip.

He alleged that the five accused were arguing with a worker inside the store but soon turned their attention to him the moment they noticed him.

When others in the restaurant telephoned police, the attacker left, but they return later and assaulted him again.

Li was admitted to Royal Hobart Hospital with bleeding wounds and a CAT scan and X-rays were carried out to see if he had suffered any internal injuries.

Li was later discharged from hospital and he reported the incident to the police.

"They were angry at the McDonald's staff but turned their anger on me in the car park and then inside the store," he said.

Joy, who has been living in Hobart for last eight years, was quoted as saying by Australian media that "the racial mood is definitely changing. It is continuous now. Many other drivers have been abused but not everyone reports it to the police."

Joy has sought intervention of External Affairs Ministry to ensure punishment to the accused.

He alleged that there was no serious effort from the authorities to bring the accused before justice.

Meanwhile, Kottayam Lok Sabha MP Jose K Mani condemned the incident and said he will raise the issue with the External Affairs Ministry on Saturday.