Britney Spears Sorts Out Conservatorship And Financial Lawsuits With Her Father

Britney Spears settled ongoing legal dispute with her father Jamie Spears regarding his legal fees and purported mismanagement of Britney's finances.

Warring parties reached at a resolution in Los Angeles Superior Court on 25th April. The terms of the resolution remain undisclosed. Lawyers of both the parties confirmed that the father-daughter duo have reached a settlement for an undisclosed sum.

Britney's attorney commented that although the conservatorship ended in November, 2021, she is completely free now in the true sense of the word. She would no longer be required to attend the courts or be involved in legal proceedings.

Jamie Spears' attorney stated that both the parties reached a settlement agreement resolving all outstanding disputes and Jamie is very thrilled at this development. He loves his daughter very much and it is unfortunate that some irresponsible people in Britney's life chose to drag to drag this on for as long as it has.

The resolution relieves both Britney and her father from a taxing trial over the alleged financial improprieties during her conservatorship under Jamie Spears till September 2019. In June 2021, Britney had publicly addressed a Los Angeles Court and had remarked, "I just want my life back."

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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