Watch: Lioness’ reaction to a grand violin performance

Violinist Kyle Dillingham’s attempt to serenade the lioness failed spectacularly.

Oklahoma: A violin performance can keep a human audience spellbound but what about a lioness? A video that’s made its way online shows a man playing a violin for a lioness. Her reaction to it, however, is not at all what you would expect.

Watch video here:

The video was recorded at Oklahoma City Zoo where violinist Kyle Dillingham attempted to serenade the lioness with his music. The lioness expressed grave displeasure with the grand performance and tried every way to attack the violinist instead.

The video shows the big cat leaping more than once probably trying to reach Dillingham. Thankfully, the glass barrier between man and animal saved both from any untoward incident.

Interestingly, the lioness casually strolls off once Dillingham is done with his performance.

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