Chicago police arrest 50 for selling drugs, guns on Facebook

Police Supdt. Johnson criticized Facebook, saying the company did not cooperate, making the investigation process longer.

Chicago: Chicago police say dozens of people have been arrested after officers infiltrated an invitation-only Facebook group where they bought guns and drugs.

Superintendent Eddie Johnson said on Thursday that police seized 18 guns and USD 46,000 worth of drugs, arrested 50 people and secured arrest warrants for 18 more following a nearly yearlong investigation.

Police say the investigation started when an informant told the department's narcotics division about the Facebook group that couldn't be found through the search function.

Johnson criticized Facebook, saying it took investigators months to infiltrate the group because of the company's unwillingness to cooperate.

A Facebook spokesperson said the company is investigating the matter.

A police spokesman said later on Thursday that Facebook has since reached out to the department, and the company and police will be meeting to discuss problems detectives encountered.

( Source : AP )
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