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US: 19-year-old beats best friend to death, uploads audio on Snapchat

Published May 17, 2017, 4:14 pm IST
Updated May 17, 2017, 4:31 pm IST
The incident took place when Sanchez challenged his friend Maithem Alfuraiji, 20, for a fight to the death.
Maithem Alfuraiji, 20 (Photo: Facebook)
 Maithem Alfuraiji, 20 (Photo: Facebook)

Escondido (US): A 19-year-old youth in the United States was charged with first-degree murder of his best friend during a friendly fight at California club on April 27. The audio of the fight was recorded and later uploaded on Snapchat by the accused.

According to a report in Daily Mail, Salvador Alejandro Sanchez on Tuesday admitted his crime to the Escondido police. However, after hearing police testimony, a judge ordered Sanchez to face trial for the murder.


The incident took place when Sanchez, a wrestler at Escondido High School, challenged his friend Maithem Alfuraiji, 20, for a fight to the death. Sanchez and Alfuraiji were already high on marijuana while drinking a beer in a California bar.

During the interrogation, Sanchez confessed, “He used wrestling moves 'cross face' and 'double trouble' to get Alfuraiji to the ground”.

Sanchez said that being a fan of Fast & Furious film franchise, he had to be loyal to the ‘Ride or Die’ concept to the end, even if one died, the report said. Thus, he killed his friend.


Escondido police detective Greg Gay testifying on the murder said that while fighting with his friend, Sanchez made an audio recording that he posted to Snapchat.

In the audio, Alfuraiji is heard crying, during which Sanchez orders him to 'tell my friends on Snapchat why you are crying' and 'tell them what you did'.

Sanchez also posted a picture of his blood-drenched T-shirt on Snapchat. He told police that Alfuraiji would have been alive if he wouldn’t have agreed to the challenge.

After killing his friend, Sanchez called up another friend, who owned a car, to dump Alfuraiji’s body at an isolated place, police said.