Indian-American activist storms on stage, shouts at Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Amazon doesn\'t directly own or operate chicken farms but buys meat from suppliers that have been previously targeted by DXE activists.

Las Vegas: A 30-year old Indian-American animal rights activist Priya Sawhney briefly interrupted Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos in the middle of the “Re: MARS” conference when she rushed on stage and asked Bezos to do something about "chicken farms" allegedly owned by Amazon.

She entered the keynote session, went up the stage and shouted: "You are the world's richest man. You're the President of Amazon and you can help the animals."

Saying that she has been inside "Amazon's chicken farms", Sawhney yelled at Bezos to stop the abuses of animals in these facilities. The security guards quickly surrounded her and took her away as the packed house went silent.

Amazon doesn't directly own or operate chicken farms but it buys chicken meat from suppliers that have been previously targeted by the DXE activists.

Earlier this month, an animal rights protester jumped onto a stage and grabbed a microphone from Democratic presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris at a forum in San Francisco.

Notably, this is not the first time Bezos has been interrupted during an open session.

Last month, during Amazon's annual shareholders conference in Seattle, a woman called out to Bezos to return a product that was purchased from the e-commerce platform.

The protestor was quickly removed from the stage, and Bezos looked unperturbed throughout. He quickly returned to discussion of Project Kuiper: Amazon’s recently-announced plan to provide internet in rural areas using low orbit satellites.

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