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Harvey Weinstein told me I'd never get work, says Pamela Anderson

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Published on: November 20, 2017 | Updated on: November 20, 2017

The 50-year-old Baywatch star claimed being verbally abused by the producer.

 Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson

Supermodel-actor Pamela Anderson said disgraced media mogul Harvey Weinstein once told her that she would never get work in Hollywood, after she refused to follow his orders. The 50-year-old Baywatch star claimed being verbally abused by the producer, who has multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against him, after disagreed working with a real dog on a movie set, a media reported.

"He told me I’d never work in this town again, because I refused to work with a dog. He wanted me to play Invisible Girl on superhero movie. But they wanted me to work with an actual dog. I said, "I won’t work with animals in a film." And he said, "We’re just going to put the dog there. What’s the problem?’ And I said, ‘No. Put an X on the floor. I am talking to an invisible dog. Why do we need an actual dog?"

"And he was so mean. He called me back and shouted, ‘You’re Pamela Anderson; you’re lucky I’m even putting you in a f***ing film. You’re never going to work in this f***ing industry again, you son of a f***ing bitch," Anderson recalled. The actor added although Weinstein was "intimidating", she held her ground. "He’s so intense. I’ve never been talked to that way by anybody. Not even by a boyfriend. He was really intimidating. And I did it. But I did it without the dog," she said. 

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