Weekly Astroguide

Weekly Astroguide

Oscar Cainer

The weekend’s Full Moon encourages us to face any emotional issues that have been buried away because they are ‘too difficult’. It will take courage; but there’s far less to fear than we imagine. The helpful link between Venus and innovative Uranus suggests that a new source of love can help change the way we approach life’s inevitable future challenges. Add the Sun and Mercury’s movement into Gemini, and it’s clear that any questions that arise will be closely followed by helpful answers. Be prepared to be remotivated this week.

Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 20)

Welcome to the future. You’re here. You’ve reached the point that you’ve been on your way towards, which has been tantalisingly beckoning you. It’s not quite how you were expecting it to be? Well, you need to be careful before you critique it. After all, you’re still in transit! Although this particular place might not be quite as you’d imagined, it is only from here that you’ll be able to move on towards somewhere that you’ll appreciate. Although this weekend might not be absolutely perfect, you’re moving forwards in a perfect way. In your love life: Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to understand what makes no sense. Just allow love to lead you wherever logic may fail.
#Aries Daily Prediction

Taurus (Apr 21 - May 20)

The education system focuses on giving us a certain set of skills. We learn to read and write, add up and take away, and (perhaps more emphatically) to behave in the ‘right’ way. There are no lessons in how to develop intuitive skills, or on the art of communication and relationship building. Is it any wonder that we’re all so stressed and pressured when we’re taught to value financial gain more than love, and achievement more than happiness? The Full Moon brings a chance to follow your highest ideal with pride. In your love life: Your challenge involves accepting and respecting an aspect of someone else’s personality that you don’t find so easy.
#Taurus Daily Prediction

Gemini (May 21 - Jun 21)

Before judging anyone, we’re advised to walk a mile in their shoes. Which is all well and good unless they have different-sized feet! None of us can ever really know how it feels to be someone else. In fact, how much do we really know about what it’s like to be ourselves? Even your experience of ‘you’ depends on mood, time of day, what you’re doing etc. This week, your ruler’s link with the Sun, and their arrival in your sign, brings a burst of positivity. Feeling good about yourself will change your attitude towards others too. In your love life: Is magic attainable this week? Well, not overnight but you can take a big step towards a long-dreamed-of change.
#Gemini Daily Prediction

Cancer (Jun 22 - Jul 22)

It's hard to keep a sense of perspective when you're entangled in a web of urgent and complex situations. You can feel a sense of 'importance' in the air; something big is unfolding, but you don't know what it is. Yet there's no need to worry just because you don't fully understand. You don't need to pretend that you know what's going on. The Full Moon brings an empowering energy which encourages you to live from moment to moment, in a growing spirit of trust. The change that you're seeking is naturally unfolding. In your love life: You don't have to wait for others to do things, say things or start things. Be brave, take the initiative. You can.
#Cancer Daily Prediction

Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 23)

In a quest to understand how things work, some people get great pleasure from taking machinery to pieces. The problems start when they try to put it back together again! We sometimes apply the same technique to our relationships. Some things though, are best left in the realms of mystery. They thrive as long as they’re not interfered with. Yet when a situation goes awry, it needs attention. If something isn’t working this week, you don’t need to mend it or worry about it. Just invest more of your generous spirit. In your love life: It’s hard to embrace unexpected developments. But something wonderful can yet happen, if you greet the new with trust.
#Leo Daily Prediction

Virgo (Aug 24 - Sep 23)

When the sun shines it creates shimmery light on commonplace shiny surfaces. When night falls, those reflections disappear. In much the same way, when a shadow falls on our lives, everything appears to lose its glow. We find ourselves criticising situations that normally bring happiness. We start doubting ourselves, and turn small troubles into bigger problems. As your ruler Mercury links to the Sun this week, it brings the chance to isolate an unnerving issue and fix it. Then you’ll be able to confidently move on. In your love life: Be less defensive over contentious issues. The potential for positive change is particularly strong and hopeful now.
#Virgo Daily Prediction

Libra (Sep 24 - Oct 23)

Sometimes we need to go through a challenging process before arriving at a satisfying outcome. It’s the only way to guarantee vital change. Yet we need to be careful that we don’t end up thinking that we have to struggle in order to gain good things in our lives. Sometimes, life is easy. It doesn’t always need to be full of tests and challenges. You’ve been resolutely coping with a difficult situation. Does that mean that you’ve earned the luck that’s heading your way? Just enjoy this week’s inspiring developments as they unfold. In your love life: Don’t form an unlikely notion about what someone can do for you. Have they got an unrealistic expectation of you too?
#Libra Daily Prediction

Scorpio (Oct 24 - Nov 22)

It’s hard to better the feeling you get when things go according to plan… and almost impossible to feel okay when things don’t work out. Really, we should be careful about linking our emotions to uncontrollable measures of success. The truth is that things that look perfect usually aren’t as good as they appear, and blessings come disguised as problems. This weekend, with the Full Moon in your sign, even if a new development doesn’t seem to hold much promise, it has the potential to bring lasting benefits your way. In your love life: A problem is taking up your energy. You are closer to a helpful, healing development than you imagine.
#Scorpio Daily Prediction

Sagittarius (Nov 23 - Dec 21)

While it’s true that life often seems to make us run as fast as we can just to stay in the same place, sometimes it takes the pressure off and we don’t notice. We keep trying to sprint ahead and end up with the symptoms of ‘burn out’. You don’t need to do that this week. Yes, you’re going to have to invest energy into a tiring exercise. But, the next moment, you’ll realise that the problems have somehow worked themselves out and that you can relax. Instead of looking for trouble, look for comfort, and you’ll find it. In your love life: Chemistry! In your heart, you know if you have it. If you haven’t, give up! If you have, keep trying. Progress will come.
#Sagittarius Daily Prediction

Capricon (Dec 22 - Jan 21)

You’re feeling more fragile than usual; and almost uncomfortably aware of how you’ve arrived at this particular point in your life. Although it’s good to recognise how far you’ve come, it’s also slightly unsettling. Yet this sensitivity is only possible because of your inner strengths. When we’re feeling weak, adrenaline kicks in so that we don’t have time to look at life’s more fundamental mysteries. Even if the Full Moon stirs up questions, you can be confident that the most important aspects in your world are secure and safe. In your love life: All relationships involve give and take and clarity. Negotiations will go more smoothly where edges are not fuzzy!
#Capricon Daily Prediction

Aquarius (Jan 22 - Feb 19)

Have you ever wondered what is happening to us when we dream? What do our nightly imaginative visions and images represent? As Venus links with your ruler, you’re seeking to gain understanding of something important. It’s as if the memory of a dream-like image is flitting through your mind. From the corner of your eye, you keep almost catching a clearer glimpse and understand the message it brings. Keep trusting in your intuitive powers this week. Follow your impulses. They’re leading you in a profitable direction. In your love life: Someone is setting a tough agenda. Go along with it and try not to complain. The process will benefit you too.
#Aquarius Daily Prediction

Pisces (Feb 20 - Mar 20)

Why do we need such a complicated judicial system when the truth is always so plain to see? Well… I suppose now you come to mention it, we’re all capable of grabbing hold of the wrong end of the stick. Problems arise when we come up against someone who feels passionate about something that’s the opposite of our beliefs. We don’t like to give way when we have strong views. Although the weekend brings awareness of a conflict, it also provides the way to construct a bridge of reconciliation. You can follow a peaceful path. In your love life: Someone’s proving difficult. Express humility and willingness to start afresh. It’s the only balm needed.
#Pisces Daily Prediction