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A perfect home is the sign of a perfect life.

New year brings lots of new opportunities. It is the beginning of the year when you promise yourself that you’ll forget the past and bring new things into your life. From better health to better surroundings, you want everything to be just perfect. As they say, a perfect home is the sign of a perfect life, there is no harm in following certain Vastu tips to make this new year, a happy year throughout.

Wind chimes can be decorated in your house in northwest and west Vastu zones. In the north, you can place a wind chime made up of five rods; this will attract new opportunities in your career. A seven-rod wind chime in the west brings overall gains for you.

A statue or idol of Buddha should be placed in the northeast Vastu zone of your house. According to the directions of alchemy in Mahavastu, north-east zone is responsible for your connectivity with yourself. When you place a symbol of spiritually elevated person like Lord Buddha, it sends a message to your house that you want to get connected with your higher self.

Placing salt bowls in the corners of the house helps to absorb all the negative energy.

From the Vastu point of view, having a puja room is a must. Keeping the photo or idol of Ganesha brings prosperity and happiness to the house. It is important to worship the front door every day where you put the swastika symbol.

Use the holy symbol of swastika at the entrance. swastika is the symbol for wealth and prosperity. It is auspicious to use swastika or Om symbols in the house and avoid picture frames that depict war, anger or any sort of tragedy as they invite trouble and are inauspicious. Use happy pictures instead.

A small lamp or a flower vase should be placed in the center of your hall because it will welcome many good sources of energy to your home.

Use hangings/fixtures/decorative mirrors/artworks to hang on the wall of your hallway and avoid overcrowding.

Lighting of lamps, diyas and incense at home every morning and evening can help in cleaning and shooing away negativity or warding off any evil eye.

Place a lemon in a glass of water to ward off negative energy and this water needs to be changed every Saturday.

To maintain peace and happiness of your home it is important that you perform the Navagraha puja and Ganesh puja at least once in three years. This helps to do away with the Vastu dosha from the house. Place Ganga jal in your home and change it every week.

Meditation plays a major role in achieving peace. Meditation helps us to understand our own self. One should meditate for at least 15-20 minutes in a day and chant Om.
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( Source : deccan chronicle )
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