7 Amazing Health Benefits of Masoor Dal

Published Sep 11, 2017, 5:01 pm IST
Whole Masoor (Red Lentils) is one of the small and good source of cholesterol-lowering fiber from a list of Indian ...
Whole Masoor (Red Lentils) is one of the small and good source of cholesterol-lowering fiber from a list of Indian dals. Masoor dal is a very important part of vegetarian diet in Indian cuisine. They are a powerhouse of protein and rich in vitamin B1 and folic acid. Ayurveda states that red lentils help in balancing the vata. Here are 7 amazing health benefits of Masoor Dal.

1. Prevents Rapid Aging
The red lentils are considered to be the best anti-aging food items. The Masoor Dal is a powerhouse of fiber, protein and other essential nutrients that can boost the immunity of the human body. There is an abundance of anti-oxidants in the red lentils that tend to minimize the cell and tissue damage and also destroy the free radicals. Therefore, when consumed at least 2 to 3 times in a week, the red lentils can help you stay young and lively for a longer duration of time.

2. Helps Weight Loss
Wish to achieve the desired weight loss? Masoor Dal can be an ideal food item to include in your daily diet as it has a low content of fats and is enriched with fiber. Eating food items that are rich in fiber like red lentils can improve your digestion process. In addition to this, Masoor Dal also controls your appetite and can make you feel fuller for longer periods of time. This will help in stimulating your weight loss program in an effective manner.

3. Boosts Immunity
Masoor Dal is enriched with iron, vitamin B6, and zinc – all of these are responsible for improving the immunity system. These are the essential nutrients that can help in the increase in the number of the white blood cells that can defend your body against several forms of diseases and sickness.

4. Improves Digestion
Great amount of fiber in the Masoor Dal can help in improving the digestive system of the human body. These also help in the proper detoxification of the toxic waste from the body system.

5. Protects Your Heart
The great content of fiber in the red lentils can help in decreasing the amount of cholesterol in the body and thus this reduces the potential risk of any heart-related problems. A diet rich in Masoor Dal can improve the blood flow and thus prevent any heart diseases.

6. Reduces Inflammation
The Masoor Dal is rich in folate, fiber, Vitamin B, and protein that help in the reduction of inflammation. Research says that a diet rich in red lentils can reduce the risk of inflammation and several articles

7. Healthy for Eyes
With enriched vitamin and mineral content, red lentils are rich sources of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc and copper – all of these minerals play an important role in maintaining the good health of your eyes.

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