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I’m still pinching myself: Prince Narula

Published Jan 25, 2016, 12:12 am IST
Updated Jan 25, 2016, 12:28 am IST
We caught up with Narula for a chat post his victory.
Prince Narula wins Bigg Boss Season 9 (Photo: Twitter)
 Prince Narula wins Bigg Boss Season 9 (Photo: Twitter)

When Prince Narula entered the Bigg Boss house, it seemed like his journey would not extend beyond a few weeks; but he proved everyone wrong. Prince is now the winner of Bigg Boss 9. At the grand finale that took place in Lonavla on Saturday, Prince walked away with the trophy and prize money of Rs 35 lakhs. We caught up with Narula for a chat post his victory. Excerpts:
Has the feeling sunk in now that you are the winner of the Bigg Boss finale?
Ever since I set foot inside the Bigg Boss house, I have been dreaming about this moment. I am feeling on top of the globe right now. I want to meet all the people who have voted consistently for me personally and thank them. Today I am here because of them. Whenever I was nominated, their votes saved me. I am grateful to the viewers from the bottom of my heart and I dedicate this win to them.
Thirty-five lakh rupees is a huge amount. What do you plan to do with the prize money?
I have already donated Rs 5 lakhs for a good cause. I am still figuring out what to do with the remaining amount. My father is scared of travelling, so I think I will take him around the globe so he can conquer his phobia. I am also planning to spoil my siblings with expensive gifts. I owe them a big treat anyway. So guess this will be a good start.
What were you going through when Salman announced you as the winner of season 9?
Even though I was confident from the beginning that I would win the show, the moment was quite unbelievable. I am still pinching myself to ensure this is not a dream.
Kishwar Merchant was a strong contender on the show. You called her your ‘sister’ but you let her give away her chance of winning the show in your favour. Isn’t that being selfish?
Well, we mutually agreed that I would go ahead and she would leave the game. I did not influence her in any way to do that. It was completely her decision. I felt bad initially but there wasn’t much that I could do about it.
You were seen flirting with Yuvika and Norah both. So who are you in love with?       
I liked Yuvika a lot, but we hardly spent time together. Then we had arguments and misunderstandings. So I am not sure about Yuvika. Coming back to Norah, well, I do have a strong connection with her. I can say confidently that I am in love with her. My feelings will never fade for Norah. I am very keen on taking things forward and spending a lot of quality time with her, now that I am out.
As you know, the show is now open to the public. Since you have managed to crack the winning code, what’s your advice to aspiring contestants?
The key is to avoid fights and be entertaining. That’s what I did. Avoiding fights does not mean you take sh*t from others. I stood for my dignity whenever there was an attack on my self-esteem. But I worked on my shortcomings. I avoided committing the same mistake and forged good relations with everyone. It worked in my case.