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Trying my best to keep a smiling face: Kiku Sharda

Published Jan 20, 2016, 12:02 am IST
Updated Jan 20, 2016, 12:02 am IST
Television actor and comedian Kiku Sharda.
 Television actor and comedian Kiku Sharda.

Television actor and comedian Kiku Sharda, who was finally reunited with his family after being arrested last Friday, opened up about the ordeal he faced over the past two days. In a chat, he spoke of the industry support coming his way, the finale of Comedy Nights With Kapil, life after the show and more. Excerpts:

Q The whole industry is standing by you. The FWICE, CINTAA and other affiliates have joined hands to file a writ petition challenging the scope and ambit of section 295 A. What are your thoughts on the development?
The concept belongs to the creator and executor, both. There is always an option of editing if you find something objectionable. If the channel telecast it so confident ly then how is it that only I was blamed and punished while those responsible for creating the act went scot-free? I felt very isolated at that time and sad too. I am grateful to social media, FWICE, CINTAA and other affiliates for standing by me. It’s heartening to see the industry taking steps to ensure there is no repeat of what happened to me. A writ petition is indeed a great step to safeguard our interests.

Q It must have been quite overwhelming to meet your family after the ordeal…
The whole thing was scary for me and my family. They had no clue what was happening as I wasn’t even able to communicate with them. I am trying my best to keep a smiling face but I can’t, as the case is not yet shut. My children are very small. My wife was under tremendous pressure to keep them away from stress. Yes, it was overwhelming when I met them after two long days. The expression on my kids’ faces was priceless.

Q You were shooting for the finale of Comedy Nights With Kapil when you were arrested. What happened was quite an anti-climax. Would you agree?
Yes, I agree. We all were very emotional that day. The arrest certainly spoilt the party. I have a lot of respect for Kapil. He contacted everyone he could to help me out. In fact, my Comedy Nights co-star Chandan was with me throughout, in Haryana. It was comforting to have him there. He was the one who kept everyone posted on all the developments and my well-being.

Q If the show shifts to another channel, would you go wherever it goes?
My loyalty will always remain with Kapil. Yes I will go wherever the show takes me. 



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