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How to double, triple, quadruple the speed of Reliance Jio

Published Oct 31, 2016, 5:21 pm IST
Updated Oct 31, 2016, 5:43 pm IST
Combining two or more intenret connecitons to get one single high-speed internet was never easier.
 Combining two or more intenret connecitons to get one single high-speed internet was never easier.

Reliance Jio is presently available for all Indians who hold a 4G smartphone. While the Jio service is presently free, many are taking advantage of watching TV, videos, and more using the unlimited 4G network that can give you speeds as high as 30Mbps and even more. But if you are hungry for more speed, why not use multiple Jio SIM cards and club the networks together to make a bigger pipeline?

We explain how you can do that.

If you have more than one 4G handset, you can avail of multiple JIO SIM cards on your Aadhaar card. If not, probably your family owns 4G smartphones and all could use the Reliance Jio SIM card.

If you have a bunch of friends or colleagues who have Jio SIM cards, you could probably get them together and create a high-speed pipeline to the internet. All you need is a simple Windows-based (or Mac) software, and a few wireless LAN cards.

Download Speedify.

This little software can club multiple internet connections together and create a single, large pipeline to the internet and you could see blazing speeds when browsing or downloading stuff from the internet.

Using Speedify is simple. Either get your hands on a licenced copy (approx $9 per month), or use a 30-day free trial software.

Once downloaded, all you need to do is connect each smartphone to your laptop or PC and configure Speedify to create a single large broadband connection.

You can either use multiple wireless network cards on a single PC and create hotspots on each Jio-enabled smartphone, or use a USB tethering software from the smartphone’s suite and have multiple networks on your PC.

Once all the networks are connected to your laptop or desktop, you can simply fire up Speedify, configure the software to club all the internet lines into one single pipeline, or use the internet connections accordingly and create failover, redundant or load-sharing networks.  You can also configure Speedify to have data incoming from one connection, and outgoing from another connection, thus utilising the bandwidth appropriately.

So what are you waiting for? Get your phones together, or call your friends quickly and get the Jio together for a blazing speed internet connection. Best used till the promotion period offers unlimited internet downloads at 4G speeds.

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